Inhibited Hydrochloric Acid for Oil-And-Gas Industry

Technical Requirements TU 2122-066-53501222-2007

Purpose of Use

Inhibited hydrochloric acid for oil-and-gas industry (NGP Acid) is designed for acid stimulation of the wells with the purpose of enhanced oil and gas recovery.

Application Area

  • Enhancing oil and gas recovery in production wells when the productivity was reduced due to precipitation and blockage of the critical area of formation by inorganic matters, and due to oil-water emulsions.
  • Fresh production and injection well development after drilling operations, well conversion into new production horizons, re-start of the wells after conservation.
  • Enhancing injectivity in injection wells in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs, especially when the injectivity was negatively influenced by formation plugging with rust precipitation, suspended solids in injected water, precipitation formed as a result of incompatibility of salts in injection fluids and in formation waters, as well as by the products of vital activity of bacteria.
  • Conversion of production wells into injection wells.


  • Manufactured on the base of synthetic hydrochloric acid.
  • HCl concentration in the product depending on the grade varies from 20% to 32%. 
  • No hydrofluoric component is contained.
  • Content of Fe is not more than 20 g/m3.
  • Low interfacial tension on oil-acid border ( due to the content of  SOLING).
  • Low corrosiveness at high temperatures (contains special inhibitor SOLING).


Inhibited hydrochloric acid for oil-and-gas industry is certified for the application in oil-and-gas field.

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