Blocking pack PLASTIROX®

TU 20.59.59-124-53501222-2017

Blocking pack PLASTIROX® is meant for performing fluid loss control at well-killing operations, for protection of productive formation and preserving maximal productivity of the wells. 

Blocking pack PLASTIROX® is complex chemical, which contains a fractional colmatant component selected in accordance with customer conditions, a structure-forming agent and a fluid-loss reducer. The product is supplied componentwise in dry commodity form. The product is homogeneous powder completely soluble in water with the color from white to cream. 

PLASTIROX® is available in several grades varying in the ratio of main components and fractional characteristic of colmatating component.

Application Area

  • Fluid loss control at well-killing operations.
  • Killing of high permeability wells with Abnormally Low Formation Pressure (ALFP) in fractured reservoirs.

Properties of ready-to-use blocking pack PLASTIROX® solution 
Appeararance Homogenous liquid with the color varying from cream to grayish 
Density, g/сm3  1.00-1.40
Dynamic shear stress,
Filtrate return, ml/30 min
not more than
рН  9-10

Customer Benefits of Blocking Pack PLASTIROX® 

  • The product is not toxic, hazardous class 4.
  • Quickly and easily prepared with diluting in water (including produced water).
  • No need in special equipment use at solution preparation (standard cementing unit  is enough).
  • The product does not affect the filtration characteristics of the reservoir (minimal penetration of the product into the formation, complete compatibility of the product with formation fluids and minerals).
  • Hydrophobous character of filter cake.
  • No special removing of the chemical from the formation is required (in case the additional treatment is still required, all the components are completely dissolved with  acidizing, polymers are destructed with time).
  • Guaranteed time of temporary blocking pack performance is 21 days. Then complete destruction of composition is observed.
  • Temperature destruction is observed at 120°С. Operation at higher temperatures is possible with the adding of special chemical additives.
  • Relatively low cost of composition without including cost of killing fluids with required density.
  • Decreasing of watering level of productive formation.
  • Reducing of time and financial expenditures for injection of additional portions of technological liquids, possibility of repeated application of fluids, decreasing of expenditures for bottom-hole treatment and well stimulation.

Process Technique 

Blocking pack PLASTIROX® is made with produced water. Maximum density of process solution is 1.45 g/cm3. Fractional characteristic of the colmatant component is selected individually depending on bottom-hole filter type and perforation characteristics. Composition is placed in bottom-hole filter interval by one of the following techniques: displacement at balance through the pipelines/behind the casing, squeezing through the pipelines/behind the casing or with simultaneous squeezing through the pipelines and behind the casing.


Blocking pack PLASTIROX® is supplied in 25 kg polyethylene bags, 25 kg polypropylene or paper bags with polyethylene liners or other pack if agreed with the customer.   

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