Surfactant additive GF-1 for brines for non-damaging killing of high pressure wells 

TU 2482-054-53501222-2015

Concentrated modifying surfactant additive GF-1 is designed for the application in clear brines and water-based process fluids to prevent their damaging effecr on reservoirs.  

Modifying additive GF-1 is applied at near-wellbore formation treatment in production wells in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs with no limitations in formation temperatures or water mineralization.

Modifying additive GF-1 is available in grade M, grade K and grade V. Depending on the grade the product is either water or water-alcohol solution of surfactants with different concentration of active substance and different freezing point. GF-1 grade M is a solution of surfactants in process water with total mineralization of 200-250 g/l; GF-1 grade K is water-alcohol solution of surfactants; GF-1 grade V is  water-alcohol solution of surfactants of high stability at high temperatures. Four types of GF-1 grade V are available, which vary in freezing temperature.  

Application Area
  • Killing of wells maintenance and repair operations connected with preventive repair of the wells, well-workover operation, EOR works.
  • Pre-conservarion  well-killing operations.
  • Process fluids for washing the wells, squeezing and driving treatment fluids.
Product Properties

GF-1 grade M is fluid with the color varying from transparent to light-brownish, with the concentration of active material  9.5-11.5 %.

GF-1 grade К is fluid with the color varying from transparent to light-brownish, with the concentration of active material 48-52 % (concentrated product).When being frozen the chemical becomes paste-like substance, but after it is heated again it restores its properties.

Properties of GF-1 grade V are shown in the table below.

GF-1  grade V GF-1 grade V
type 1 
GF-1 grade V
type 2 
GF-1 grade V
type 3 
GF-1 grade V
type 4 
Appearance    Homogenous liquid without turbidness, precipitates or suspended matters,
without any trace of stratification, opalescence is permitted
Density at 20°С, g/cm3,
within the range  
0.94-0.96  0.93-0.94 0.88-0.90 0.96-1.00
Mass concentration of surfactant,
%, within the range 
33.0-37.0 38.0-42.0                    38.0-42.0 
Freezing temperature,
°С, not higher 
minus 30  minus 40  minus 50      -

Customer Benefits
  • Preserving the reservoir properties after repair and maintenance operations due to low inter-phase tension at oil and GF-1 solution inter-phase area (See Picture 1 and Picture 2)

Picture 1. Filtration of oil through the sandstone after treatment with different water solutions

Picture 2. Influence of concentration of GF-1 on inter-phase tension at inter-phase area of killing brine and oil










  • Reducing of oil losses after the repair and maintenance work and eliminating of the costs connected with the long  period of resumption of stable output of the wells after maintenance (the period of resumption of stable output shortens 2-4 times).
  • Reducing of residual water saturation of the rock by changing the wettability of porous medium.
  • Preventing of forming of water film on the rock.
  • Preventing of water-oil emulsion forming.
  • Reducing of oil-field equipment corrosion.
  • High protective effect against sulphate reducing bacteria.
  • Absence of chlorine-organic compounds in the chemical, which may affect crude oil refining process.
  • Fluids modified with GF-1 are compatible with organic solvents used for asphaltene wax and paraffin deposits elimination as well as with mineral acids and mineral acid based fluids. 

Consumption Rates 

Modifying hydro-phobic additive GF-1 is manufactured in a liquid commodity form convenient for adding to mineralized process fluids.

Modifying additive GF-1 is well soluble in water.

The consumption of the additive depends on its grade and should provide the concentration of the active matter in the fluid of 0.1 %.

Consumption of surfactant modifying additive GF-1 grade M is 10 kg per one cubic meter of water;  consumption of GF-1 grade К is 2 kg per one cubic meter of water; consumption of GF-1 grade V is 2.5 kg per one cubic meter of water .

To select the optimal design of application of modifying additive GF-1 it is recommended to contact the specialists of Sales & Service Department of Polyex company.


Modifying additive GF-1 is supplied in metal or PE drums  by 50 or 200 l. The chemical is non-toxic and non-explosive. GF-1 grade M and GF-1 grade V type 4 are  fire resistant substances. GF-1 grade К, GF-1 grade V type 1, GF-1 grade V type 2, GF-1 grade V type 3 are inflammable fluids.

Surfactant modifying additives GF-1 are certified for the application in oil-and-gas field.

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