Clear Brine Fluids for High Pressure Wells TZhG

Technical Requirements TU 2482-036-53501222-2012

 Purpose of Use

High density brine fluids TZhG are used to perform non-damaging killing of the wells at maintenance and repair works in high pressure wells. They are also used as process fluids in drilling.

Clear brine fluids TZhG ready-to-use calcium based and calcium-free brine solutions. High density clear brine  fluids TZhG do not contain solids. TZhG contain a special complex of surfactants, corrosion and scale inhibitors that provide non-damaging effect on the formation.   

Application Area

High pressure production wells with the tendency to have column gas and/or fluid emission.

Product Properties

  • Depending on the grade TZhG may be calcium-based and calcium-free brines.
  • Density of the brine may be varied within the range of 1.3 to 2.1 g/cm3.
  • TZhG are clear brine fluids with suspended solids content of not more than 100 g/m3.
  • Destruction of oil-in-water emulsions due to low interfacial tension at oil-fluid border.
  • Freezing point is < minus 45 °C.
  • Low corrosiveness (not more than 1.12 mm/year at 20°C).

Due to its high surface activity clear brine fluids TZhG prevents water-oil emulsion formation and helps to destruct the emulsions formed in the reservoir. See table 1.

Table 1.Influence of TZHG fluid on physical and chemical properties of water-oil emulsions

Properties of oil

Viscosity , mPa*s

Density ρ, g/cm3

Viscosity , mPa*s

of water-oil emulsion

of emulsion with  weighted brine solution of ρ=1.2 g/cm3

of upper layer after the emulsion is treated with   TZhG







12.3 *




* test was held at the temperature of 50 оС

Advantages of Use

  • TZhG provide non-damaging completion operations, eliminating oil losses connected with a long period of resumption of stable output of the wells after maintenance.
  • Preserve wall-building and capacity properties of the reservoir.
  • Increases oil yield and well productivity factor by breaking oil-water emulsions and providing improved filtration characteristics of formation
  • No negative effect on oil treatment.
  • Low corrosion effect for the equipment.
  • Ecologically friendly.

Process Technique

High density clear brine fluids TZhG are applied according to normative documents regulating well killing process for maintenance and repair works. The consumption of TZhG  depends on the conditions of each particular well.

For the optimal application of High density clear brine fluids TZhG it is recommended to contact the specialists of Service & Sales Department of Polyex company.

High density clear brine fluids TZhG are certified for application in oil-and-gas field.


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