Dry Compounds TZHS for Ppreparing Clear Brine Fluids for High Pressure Wells

Technical Requirements ТU 2482-036-53501222-2012, TU 2458-089-53501222-2012

Purpose of Use

Dry compounds TZhS are meant for preparing high gravity clear brine fluids with the density of 1.05-2.1 g/cm3 which are used for non-damaging killing of high pressure wells at maintenance and repair works.

Depending on the grade compounds TZhS may be either calcium–based or calcium–free dry compositions. Compounds TZhS contain special complex of surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors which do not damage the formation.

Application Area

Production wells with high pressure.


  • Depending on the grade of the dry compounds TZhS are either powder, or granules or flakes of white or grey colour.
  • Dry compounds TZhS are thermostable, nontoxic, fire-safe and explosion-proof compounds which are very convenient for use and fluid preparation.
  • The properties of dry compounds TZhS and high gravity clear brine fluids prepared from them can be regulated within wide range depending on the demands of a customer. Density of high gravity clear brine fluids can be regulated by choosing different grades of the product and by concentration of TZhS in the brine fluid.

Advantages of Dry Compound Use

  • Absence of problems connected with crystallization in liquid and freezing of the liquid product on transportation and storage in winter period.
  • It is easier to transport and store dry product than a liquid one. Dry product may be stored at site.
  • There is no need in large tanks for storing the product.
  • Stable quality of the product for a long period of time.
  • It is easier to perform incoming inspection of the product.

Advantages of High Density Clear Brine Fluids Prepared with TZhS Compound

  • Provide non-damaging completion operations, eliminating oil losses connected with a long period of resumption of stable output of the wells after maintenance.
  • Preserve wall-building and capacity properties of the reservoir.
  • No negative effect on oil treating.
  • Low corrosion effect for the equipment.
  • High protection from sulfate-reducing micro-bacteria.
  • Ecologically friendly product.

Process Technique

Dry compounds TZhS are diluted in fresh water in recommended proportion. Consumption of TZhS depends on the required density of clear brine fluid demanded for the particular well conditions.

For the optimal choice of grade of TZhS suitable for the customer's conditions and compartible with formation waters as well as for determining the right consumption of the product it is recommended to contact the specialists of  Sales & Service Department of Polyex company.

High density clear brine fluids TZhS are certified for application in oil-and-gas field.

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