Dry compounds for preparing clear brines for high pressure wells TZhS

TU 2458-089-53501222-2012

Dry compounds TZhS are meant for preparing high density clear brines with the densities of 1.3-2.25 g/cm3 (10.85-18.36 ppg) used for non-damaging killing of high pressure wells for maintenance and repair work.                

Compounds TZhS may be calcium–based and calcium–free dry compositions. Compounds TZhS contain special complex of surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors which do not damage the formation.   

Compounds TZhS are available in several grades and may be of non-winterized (L) and winterized (Z) formulation. Below density range in g/cm3 for the grade is shown.

TZhS 1,3  TZhS 1,4 (L)  TZhS 1,4 (Z) TZhS 1,5 (L)  TZhS 1,5 (Z) TZhS 1,6 (L)  TZhS 1,6(Z) 
1.18-1.32 1.33-1.45 1.33-1.45 1.46-1.54 1.46-1.54 1.55-1.6 1.55-1.62
 TZhS 1,7 TZhS 1,7 V TZhG 1,8 (L) TZhG 1,8 (Z) TZhG 1,8 (B)  TZhG 2,0 TZhG 2,0(B)
1.63-1.72 1.6-1.72 1.79-1.82 1.79-1.82 1.60-1.80 1.95-2.10 1.80-2.25

  • Depending on the grade of the product dry compounds TZhS are powder or granulated products of white or light-grey color.
  • Dry compounds TZhS are thermostable, nontoxic, fire-safe and  explosion-proof compounds which are very convenient for use and fluid preparation.
  • The properties of dry compounds TZhS and high density clear brines can be regulated within wide range depending on the demands of a customer. Density of high density clear brines can be regulated by concentration of TZhS in the fluid. Product TZhS-1.7 is used for the weighting up of CaCl2 brine with the density of 1.32 g/cm3.
Advantages of Dry Compound Use
  • Absence of problems connected with crystallization in liquid and freezing of the liquid product on transportation and storage in winter period.
  • It is easier to transport and store dry product than a liquid one. 
  • Dry product may be stored at site.
  • There is no need in large tanks for storing the product.
  • Stable quality of the product for a long period of time.
  • It is easier to perform incoming inspection of the product.
Advantages of application of clear brine fluids based on TZhS 

  • Providing non-damaging killing  operations, eliminating oil losses connected with a long period of resumption of stable output of the wells after maintenance.
  • Preserve filtration-volumetric characteristics of reservoirs.Increases oil yield and well productivity factor by breaking oil-water emulsions and providing improved filtration characteristics of reservoir.
  • Don’t affect clays in the rock.
  • No negative effect on oil treatment.
  • Low corrosion effect for the equipment.
  • Ecologically friendly.

Changing of current water-saturation of core samples of Zapadno-Nojabrkoye field at the simulation of multiple killing of a well

Process Technique

Dry compounds TZhS are diluted with fresh water in recommended proportion. Concentration of TZhS depends on the density of clear brine demanded for the particular well conditions.

To calculate the consumption of TZhS brines and select the optimal grade of the product contacy the specialists of Sales & Service Department of Polyex. 


Dry compounds TZhS are supplied in big bags by 1000 – 1200 kg.

The products are certified for the application in oil and gas industry.

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