Clay and polymer destructor KDS–1

Clay and polymer destructor KDS – 1

TU 2458-063-53501222-2006

Complex chemical KDS - 1 is used in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs at post drilling completion  as a destructor of clays and polymers contained in mud fluids, and as  a base for perforation fluid which prevents swelling of reservoir clays.

Complex chemical KDS - 1 breaks filter cake formed while drilling with clay-polymer drilling mud by destructing colmatating polymers and clays used in the muds.

Complex chemical KDS - 1 is a dry composition containing  potassium chloride  salts, surfactants and an effective  oxidizing destructing agents.

Application Area 

  • Fresh oil and gas well completion after drilling operations in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs.
  • Base for perforation fluid.


Appearance  Crystal powder with the color varying from
white to gray, reddish-brownish tints are allowed

Mass concentration of KCl, %,
within the range of


pH of 1% water solution,
within the range of

3.0 -7.5

Customer Benefits 

  • Solution of KDS-1 has high inhibitining action for the rocks being hydrated.
  • Solution of KDS-1 destructs efficiently polymers forming the colmatating cake at drilling-in.
  • Solution of KDS-1 prevents forming of oil-water emulsions at well completion.
  • Solution of KDS-1 is not corrosive.

Recommended consumption rate 

Complex chemical KDS – 1 is diluted with fresh water. The effective concentration if the material in the working solution makes 0.5- 5 % by weight depending on the application conditions. 

The chemical is applied with dynamic bath technique followed by the acidizing with KSPEO or FLUXOCORE® 210 acid stimulation fluids. KDS – 1 facilitates critical area permeability build-up due to the destructing of colmataing screen formed with the mud.

Consumption of KDS – 1 depends on the type of operations to be performed, on composition of the mud,  composition of the rock and the extent of plugging.

Recommended consumptions make:

  • 0.5-1.5% for making the perforation fluid;
  • 3.0% for the destruction of polymer cake;
  • 5.0% for the destruction of clay-polymer cake.

To select the optimal consumption of KDS – 1 and technique of its application, it is recommended to contact the specialists of Service & Sales Department of Polyex company.


Complex chemical KDS - 1 is supplied in metal or cardboard drums with 100 l  capacity.

Complex chemical KDS - 1 is certified for the application in oil-and-gas industry.

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