Clay and Polymer Dispersing Agent KDS-1

Technical Requirements TU 2458-063-53501222-2006

Purpose of Use

Complex chemical KDS-1 is designed for the application in sandstone reservoirs at the well completion after drilling as clay and polymer destructor in mud fluids and as base for perforation fluid preventing reservoir clay fraction swelling.

Complex chemical of KDS-1 breaks the cake formed at drilling with polymer-clay mud fluids, destruct polymers and clay contained in the mud fluids.

Complex chemical of KDS-1 is a dry powder blend containing surfactants and efficient clay and polymer destructor.

Application Area

  • Base for perforation fluids.
  • Well completion after drilling.



Crystal powder with the color varying from white to gray, reddish-brownish tints are allowed

Mass concentration of KCl, %,
within the range of


pH of 1% water solution,
within the range of

3.0 -7.5

Customer Benefits

  • KDS-1 based solutions destruct efficiently polymer or clay-&-polymer mud fluids which form cake and plug pay zone of the reservoir during the process of initial drilling in and completion of the well.
  • KDS-1 based solution shows inhibiting properties for the formation being hydrated.
  • KDS-1 based solutions prevent forming of water-oil emulsions during the completion after drilling.
  • KDS-1 based solutions are nor corrosive.

Process Technique

KDS-1 based fluids are applied by the method of dynamic bath followed by KSPEO acidizing treatment of the well. Due to the destruction of colmatation screen formed with mud fluid KDS-1 provides improvement of formation critical area permeability.

To prepare working solution KDS-1 chemical is to be diluted with fresh water. Concentration of KDS-1 in working solution is ranging from 0.5 % to 5 % by mass depending on the application conditions. The concentration required depends on the type of operations for which the solution will be used, on the formula of  mud fluid, on the type of rock and on the contamination level.

To select the optimal design of application, i.e. consumption and technique of application of KDS-1, it is recommended to contact the specialists of  Sales & Service Department of Polyex company.

Complex chemical KDS-1  is certified for the application in oil-and-gas field.

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