Flow-diverter for acid stimulation EXTELINT®

Flow-diverter for acid stimulation containing fibers EXTELINT®

Flow-diverter EXTELINT® is a temporary blocking composition containing fibers. It is meant for redistribution of filtration flows during acid stimulation in production wells with fractured carbonate reservoirs.  

Stimulation of oil and gas recovery in such reservoirs is complicated with the presence of high-permeable intervals. During the acidizing at low injection pressure these intervals are easy to accept acid fluids and less-permeable intervals of the formation remain uncovered with acidizing. Temporary blocking composition with EXTELINT® fibers provides flow-diverting screen which redistributes flows of acid stimulation fluids, such as FLUXOCORE® 210, to less-permeable intervals.

Flow-diverter is a temporary blocking water-based composition. The required viscosity of the flow-diverter is regulated by adding of components of Viscoelastic surfactant (VES) based gelling system SURFOGEL® grade D. The structure of the flow-diverter is intensified with the adding of solid fiber EXTELINT®.

Application area

  • Flow diverting during acid stimulation of production wells with high water cut.


Depending on the conditions of object to be treated it is possible to obtain flow-diverting composition which is capable to block fractured carbonate reservoir within wide ranges of permeabilities and which is applicable at a wide range of temperatures (from 20°C to 150°С / from 68°F to 302°F).

These properties are achieved by the optimal selection of the type of gelling system SURFOGEL® grade D, the type of inert to rock and formation fluids fiber extender EXTELINT® and by the ratio of these component in the flow-diverter.

The period of self-degrading of the flow-diverter may be decreased by adding of specially selected component-destructor.

Customer Benefits

  • Wide range application temperatures.
  • Compatibility with reservoir fluids.Inertness to rock.
  • Absence of irreversible formation colmatation as EXTELINT® filler is characterized by controlled self-degradation within time.
  • All components of flow-diverter are completely degradable, this factor facilitates complete recovery of conductivity.
  • Ability to block temporary high permeable reservoir fractures thus spreading the coverage of low-permeable formation zones with acidizing.

Process Technique

Working solutions are prepared by mixing of components in technological vessels. Listed below components are in turns added into fresh water: SURFOGEL® grade D (Surfactant base), SURFOGEL® grade D (Activator), fiber filler EXTELINT®, and if required SURFOGEL® grade D (pH Regulator) and SURFOGEL® grade D (Destructor). Depending on geological characteristics and technical parameters of the well and on the application conditions the total amount of gel forming system SURFOGEL® grade D, components may make from 5% to 15% per 1 cubic meter of ready-to use flow-diverter. Approximate consumption of fiber EXTELINT® makes from 15 to 20kg per 1 cubic meter of ready-to-use composition.

To obtain complete information, to select the optimal type of chemicals and their consumption rates it is recommended to contact the specialists of Sales & Service Department of Polyex Company.


All liquid components of gel forming system SURFOGEL® grade D are supplied in polyethylene drums with 227 l capacity or in polyethylene containers with 1 m3 capacity or in another types of packing according to the customer’s request; all dry components are supplied in PP bags with PE liner.

EXTELINT® is delivered in polypropylene bags with polyethylene liners, in fiber drums with polyethylene liners. According to customer’s request other waterproof packing is possible.

The product is certified for the application in oil-and-gas industry.

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