Sediment forming composition TAMOLEX® grade B

Sediment forming composition TAMOLEX® grade B 

ТU 2432-110-53501222-2015

Sediment forming composition TAMOLEX® grade B is designed for water shut-off in production wells, for reducing the water-cut of produced fluid, for injectivity profile leveling in injection wells, which leads to enhanced oil recovery, and as a flow-diverter at acid stimulation in production wells.

Sediment forming composition TAMOLEX® grade B is a polymeric soap well soluble in fresh water.

Application Area

  • Flow diverting at acidizing of production wells with water-cut of 80-90% and higher.
  • Leveling of injectivity profile of injection wells with redistribution of filtration flow direction in injection wells with sandstone and carbonate reservoirs.
  • Blocking of highly water-encroached interlayers in multipay pools.
  • Water shut-off in the production wells.

 Grade   TAMOLEX® grade B 
Appearance Powder of white to brown color 
Mass fraction of water,
not more than, %  
Time of complete dissolving
of the reagent in process water
(mineralization 21,4 g/l), min,
not more than 
Dynamic viscosity of of 6% emulsion
at 20°C, mPa⋅s, no less than 
pH of 6% emulsion at 20°C, no less than                 10
Density of 6% emulsion at 20°C, no less than                1.02
The content of quaternary ammonium compounds
which can decompose to organochlorine compounds
at temperatures no higher than 204°C/ 399.2°F   
     Does not contain

Customer Benefits

  • Composition is stable within long period of time.
  • Wide range of application temperatures.
  • Ability of working solution filterability into porous medium.
  • Controllable sediment forming.

Provided when using dry composition:

  • Transportability and easy-to store, including the possibility to store the product at site near the well. 
  • No vessels are required for storage of the product.
  • Easy incoming quality control.

Process Technique

Working solution dry composition TAMOLEX® grade B is prepared in the vessels by dissolving in the fresh water with the temperature from 20 to 30°C / from 68°F to 86°F in the ratio of about 60kg of the chemical per 1 m3 of finished solution.

The working solutions of TAMOLEX® grade B are prepared in portions and are pumped into the well with the batches of fresh and mineralized water solution.

The number of injection cycles and the consumption of TAMOLEX® grade B depends on the geological and technical parameters of the well treated and is determined individually for each object. 

Batches of TAMOLEX® grade B water solution are pumped into the watered interval interchangeably with batches of fresh water.

When entering a water-saturated zone during the interacting with  mineralized water TAMOLEX® grade B solution forms gel, clogging the pores and creating additional filtration resistance during filtration of subsequent volumes of the fluid.

For more detailed information about technique of application of TAMOLEX® grade B contact the specialists of Sales & Service Department of Polyex company.


Dry composition TAMOLEX® grade B is supplied in PP bags with PE liner and UV protection or in big bags with PE liner and UV protection by 1 000 kg. 

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