Sediment forming composition TAMOLEX®

Technical Requirements TU  2432-110-53501222-2015

Purpose of Use

 Sediment forming composition  TAMOLEX® is used for water influx protection in production wells, for reducing the water cuttings of well production,  for the leveling of injectivity profile of injection wells and as a flow-diverting chemical in the technologies of production well acidizing with the purpose of providing enhanced oil recovery.

Sediment forming composition TAMOLEX® is a dry mixture of compound organic soaps, well soluble in fresh water.




Application Area

  • Leveling of injectivity profile of injection wells with redistribution of filtration flow direction in injection wells with sandstone and carbonate reservoirs. 
  • Water influx protection in the production wells with flow rate not less than 1.5 tons a day.
  • Blocking of highly water-encroached interlayers in multipay pools.
  • Flow-diverting at acidizing  of production well with watercut of 80-90% and higher. 



Flakes of dark brown color

Mass fraction of dry active matter,  %, 

Not less than 90%

рН of 2% emulsion


Ignition piont, °C


Solubility in water


Customer Benefits

  • Emulsions are stable within long period of time.
  • Wide range of application temperatures (over 100°C/212°F).
  • Ability of process solution flow into porous rock medium due to the low viscosity of the process solution (µ = 1.2 - 1.3 mPas). 
  • Controlled sedimentation.
  • Selective performance in water-yielding interval in productive zone.
  • No crystallization and freezing (vs fluids) at transportationg storage and application in winter.
  • Transportability and easy-to store, including the possibility to store the product at site near the well. 
  • No vessels are required for storage of the product.
  • Easy income control.

Process Technique

Process solution of sediment forming chemical TAMOLEX® is prepared in  vessels at site by diluting the chemical with fresh water at the temperature of 20-40°C/68-104°F.    

Consumption of  TAMOLEX® depends on the geological and technical conditions of the well.

To select the optimal design of application and consumption of TAMOLEX® it is recommended to contact the specialists of Service & Sales Department of Polyex company.

Sediment forming composition  TAMOLEX® is certified for the application in oil-and-gas field.


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