Nitrogen Acid Corrosion Inhibitor NAYTING

Technical Requirements TU 2499-037-53501222-2003

Purpose of Use

Acid corrosion inhibitor NAYTING is designed to provide effective protection of metal equipment in nitric acid solutions and nitrite solutions.

Acid corrosion inhibitor NAYTING can be used for cleaning of boiler equipment and other water heating equipment, including the equipment for nutritional water.

Acid corrosion inhibitor NAYTING is a specially designed composition with synergetic effect which includes nitrogen and sulfur-containing organic compounds with inorganic salts.

Application Area

Protection of steel equipment from the impact of nitric acid solutions and nitrite solutions and preventing corrosion of steel in chemical, petrochemical and oil-producing industry.



Powder with the color varyinf from white to gray containing green grains

Bulk density at 20оС, g/cm3, within the range


Corrosion rate for steel Сt3 at 20оС  in 10 %-solution of  acidogen nitrate with the consumption of inhibitor of 3 g/dm3, g/m2hour, not more than


Customer Benefits

NAYTING is highly effective in diluted solutions of nitric acid and its related salt compositions, in concentrated fluosilicic acid and aluminium sulphate solutions.Corrosion speed for the steel in above said mediums is usually less than 0,2 gr/m2hour at working concentration of NAYTING inhibitor of 0.2-0.3 %.


Acid corrosion inhibitor NAYTING is supplied in PP bags by 25-50 kg.

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