Technical Requirements 2458-111-5350122-2015

Purpose of use

POLY-INGYD is water soluble kinetic hydrate forming inhibitor designed for effective prevention of the forming of gas-hydrate deposits, formed in gas, gas condensate and oil wells and pipelines. The chemical also works as an effective gas-hydrate deposit dissolver. POLY-INGYD is available in two grades: grade А and grade B. POLY-INGYD grade А is a solution of primary alcohols. POLY-INGYD grade B is solution of primary alcohols, polyatomic alcohols and their ethers.

Application Area

  • Protection of oil field equipment from hydrate deposits.
  • Protection of oil and gas wells from hydrate deposits.


grade А

grade Б

Appearance at 20°С

Fluent transparent liquid varying from colorless to light blue color

Fluent transparent liquid with the color varying from light yellow to brown 

Specific gravity at 20°С, g/сm3, within the range 

0.785 - 0.795

0.780 - 0.820

Kinematic viscosity at 20°С, mm2 /sec, not more than 


Kinematic viscosity at  -40°С,  mm2 /sec, not more than 


Freezing point, °С,  not more then

minus 50

Corrosiveness of the commodity form: corrosion rate steel St3 at 20°С during 24 hours, g/m2hour, not more than

     -for the stack of wells

     -for other application






Customer Benefits

  • High efficiency of hydrate inhibitor / deposit dissolver allows to decrease its consumption.
  • Hydrate inhibitor / deposit dissolver is compatible with other types of chemical products applied at oil & gas production.
  • Hydrate inhibitor / hydrate deposit dissolver is stable at high temperatures and high pressures.
  • Low freezing point of the inhibitor / dissolver.
  • Solubility in water at any rates.

Application technology

In case injected continuously into the system the hydrate inhibitor / deposit dissolver POLY-INGYD may be injected as a pure product directly into the system by means of a dosing pump. The injection rate depends on the required result and on the conditions of application (level of subcooling, time of injection). Normally, satisfactory results can be achieved at consumption rates ranging from 0.5% to 2% in terms of the water being transported. To obtain more detailed information about the chemical and determining its optimal consumption for the particular objects, please contact the specialists of Sales and Service Department of POLYEX jsc.


Hydrate inhibitor / dissolver POLY-INGYD is delivered in steel drums type I or 1A1 or in aluminum barrels with capacity 200-275 m3.

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