СО2 и H2S Corrosion Inhibitor NORUST®760

Technical Requirements TU 2458-069-53501222-2008

Purpose of Use

NORUST® 760 is a water soluble film-forming corrosion inhibitor which has been specially designed for use in oil industry in order to ensure protection against corrosion induced by the presence of CO2 and/or H2S. 

Three grades of  corrosion inhibitor  NORUST® 760 are available: NORUST® 760 grade А, NORUST® 760  grade B and NORUST® 760 grade V.

Application Area

  • Protection of casing pipes from CO2 and/or H2S corrosion.
  • Protection of pipeline transportation from CO2 and/or H2S corrosion.
  • Protection of oil field equipment from CO2 and/or H2S corrosion.


grade А

grade B

grade V

Appearance at 20 °С

Homogeneous liquid with the colour varying from light yellow to dark brown

Specific gravity at 20 °C, g/cm3, within the range




Kinematic viscosity at 20 °С, mm2/s




Freezing point, °С, not lower than

Minus 45°С Minus 50°С Minus 50°С
Solubility Soluble in water and alcohol
Dispersible in hydrocarbons

Conditions of application

For abnormal conditions

For abnormal conditions

For standard conditions

Customer Benefits

  • High speed of protective film forming;
  • No emulsification is observed. No influence at oil treatment;
  • Stability of corrosion inhibitor at high temperature and high pressure;
  • High effectiveness of the inhibitor which allows to reduce the consumption of the chemical at treatment;
  • Compatibility of the inhibitor with other chemicals and materials;
  • Low freezing-point of the inhibitor.

Process Technique

NORUST® 760  is normally injected continuously by means of a dosing pump.

The injection rate of NORUST® 760 depends on fluid corrosivity. For crude oil systems the dose varies between 10 to 25 ppm based on total fluid.

When applied in hole annulus of a well equipped with electric centrifugal pump for the underground equipment protection the treatment is performed in a batch mode one time every one or two weeks.

To select the optimal design of application and consumption of H2S & CO2 corrosion inhibitor NORUST® 760 it is recommended to contact the specialists of Polyex company.

H2S & CO2 corrosion inhibitor NORUST® 760  is certified for the application in oil-and-gas field.

H2S & CO2 corrosion inhibitor NORUST® 760 is produced according to the technology and from the materials provided by the company of CECA, France, under license.

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