The article about the results of well acidizing with flow diverting systems at the fields of OOO LUKOIL–PERM is published

17 June 2020

The results of acid stimulation in highly drowned wells with the technologies using flow diverting systems at the fields of OOO LUKOIL–PERM on the industrial scale are presented in the article.

As the diverting agents in this technologies some reverse emulsions were used and as well as self-diverting acid stimulation fluids (i.e. acid fluids which can form gel in the reservoir conditions while acid reacts with the formation). The reverse emulsions were hydrocarbon emulsions made with the emulsifier EKS-EM; the self-diverting acid stimulation fluids were mixes of acid stimulation fluids FLUXOCORE® 210 grade C with VES-based gelling agent SURFOGEL grade A.

Analyzing the more than three years experience of acidizing with flow diverters, the assessment of the technologies performance was done, with determining the main parameters affecting the effectiveness of such treatments of critical area of formation, and recommendations were given for increasing the efficiency of application of these technologies.

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