Increasing the effectiveness of drilling due to the improvement of techniques and technologies of well completion in the company of Udmurtneft

OIL INDUSTRY Publishing House, № 01’2009  

А.N. Khorlov (Udmuпneft OJSC),
A.А. Prudnikov,
K.V Kudoshov (Rosneft oiI Comрony OJSC)

DeveIopmeпt of teсhnoIogies of new weiIs сompIetion in Udmuгtnеft OAO Ьy the eхample of the Mishkinskoye oilfield is сonsideгed. It is marked, that peгfeсtion of wells finishing teсhnologies and well bottom zone treatment has allowed to inсrease essentiaIIy the effiсienсy of produсtive carbonate deposits drilling-in at pгeservation of eсonomiс elfiсienсy of new wеlIs drilling in the оlder oil-ргoduсing region.