Kill it tenderly. Application of modified clear brine fluids for killing of wells at their maintenance allows to prevent formation damaging and keep the collecting properties of reservoir

Nefteservice (analytical magazine), № 3’2009

А. Mikov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, General Director, 
L. Kazakova, Candidate of chemical sciences, Deputy Director of Service ("Polyex" JSC)

They are surfactants for reducing of surface tension at the brine/oil interface area and hydrophobic agents (such as GF-1 chemical) which are needed for changing formation wettability with the purpose of decreasing of final water saturation and increasing oil relative permeability.

However, experience shows that not all chemicals on the market are compatible with concentrated salt solutions, have a low interfacial tension at the oil interface and have sufficient hydrophobic properties. Polyex company offers a range of yigh density clear brines of TZhG brand facilitating non-damaging killing.