Technologies of enhanced oil recovery with flow diverting chemicals

Collected articles. Geology, geophysics and oil-and-gas field development. № 8’2002

L.V. Kazakova,
P.M. Uzjhaninov "PermNIPIneft"

This article presents the results of experimental researches and field trials of new technologies based on the application of sediment forming composition EMCO during the works on water shut-off control  and redistributing the directions of filtration flows in terrigenous and carbonate reservoirs at reservoir temperatures from 20 to 100°C. The article also presents the detailed observation of acid stimulation production wells and acidizing in injection wells in terrigenous reservoirs with acid stimulation fluids of KSPEO and KSPEO-N brands.

The article describes the mechanism of action of the chemicals, observes their effect on productive formation, describes the application techniques and considers the prospects for the application of the technologies at problematic objects of oil fields. The results of field tests are also presented.