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Non-damaging completion & killing of wells

Completion and killing of the wells with abnormally high pressure:

       High density clear brine fluids TZhG

       Dry compositions for preparing High density clear brine fluids TZhS

Completion  and killing of abnormal low pressure wells at the temperatures below 500С (including those having high gas factor having high absorption phenomena, killing of the wells where exposing of payout bed is performed with depression)with hydrocarbon emulsion compounds based on emulsifiers EKS-EM or EMITRIT®

Fluid loss control at well killing operations at maintenance and repair works in the wells with Anmormally Low Formation Pressure (ALFP) with high formation permeability with the help of temporary blocking pack PLASTIROX®  

Surfactant chemicals for clear brine solution modification GF-1

Absorption of H2S with PS chemical at conservation or killing of the wells