Iron control agent ACIRONIX®-Iron

TU 20.59.59-140-53501222-2019

Iron control agent ACIRONIX®-IRON is meant to use as an additive to acid fluids based on HCl and mixtures of HCl/HF, including acid stimulation fluids of FLUXOCORE® and KSPEO brands, used for oil and gas recovery stimulation in production wells in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs. Adding of iron control agent ACIRONIX®-IRON reduces the risks of reservoir colmatation caused by precipitates formed at the contact of acid fluids with formation fluids and secondary precipitation caused by presence of ferric irons.

Possible ferric irons sources:

  • hydrochloric acid, which initially contains iron traces;
  • corrosion of downhole equipment at acid treatment;
  • iron ions released while incision of rock by acid.

Addition of iron control agent ACIRONIX®-IRON, which reveals iron reducing properties, as a component of acid stimulation fluids provides changing of oxidation rate of iron from +3 into +2, which prevents forming of asphaltene and sludge at the contact of oil with acid and also precipitation of iron (III) hydroxide after acid exhausting during acid stimulation of production wells.

Iron control agent ACIRONIX®-IRON is a dry blend based on organic acid salts.

Application Area of Acid Stimulation Fluids With Addition of Iron Control Agent ACIRONIX®-IRON

  • stimulation of hydrocarbon recovery in oil and gas production wells, fresh production well cjmpletiont after drilling.


Grade ACIRONIX®-IRON grade C 
Appearance Crystal powder of white color.
Greyish or light brownish tints are permitted 
pH of 10% water solution,
Mass fraction of active substance,
%, not less than

Customer Benefits

  • Freely soluble in hydrochloric acid.
  • Dry powder commodity form is convenient at storing and transportation.
  • Good operability and safety of preparation and use of the solutions.
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Recommended Consumption

The chemical is added directly into the working solutions of acids or acid stimulation fluids straight before the application. The necessity of adding of iron control agent  and its consumption are determined with laboratory tests in accordance with the specific application conditions of the objects to be treated.

Approximate consumption of ACIRONIX®-IRON ranges from 0.5-1.5% by the commodity form.

To select optimal consumption rates of iron control agent ACIRONIX®-IRON and to organize the laboratory tests it is recommended to contact the specialists of Service & Sales Department of Polyex company. 


Iron control agent ACIRONIX®-IRON is supplied in PP bags by 50 kg, fiber drums with polyethylene insert or standard containers big-bags.

By agreement with the customer other types of packing, which provide product safeness at transportation and storing, are acceptable.

The product is certified for the application in oil and gas industry.  

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