Gelling agent for acid fracturing fluid SURFOGEL® grade AF

Gelling agent for acid fracturing fluid SURFOGEL® grade AF

TU 2482-080-53501222-2010

Viscoelastic surfactant (VES) based gelling agent SURFOGEL® grade AF is designed for the application as acid gel forming chemical which regulates viscosity and proppant carrying ability of acid gels meant for acid fracturing and acid-proppant fracturing.  

Gelling agent SURFOGEL® grade AF is a water-alcohol solution of high-performance activity ampholytic surfactants.

Application area

  • Acid-proppabn fracturing with non-polymer viscoelastic fracturing and proppant carrying acid fluids in carbonate reservoirs.
  • Acid fracturing with non-polymer viscoelastic fracturing acid gels in carbonate reservoirs.

Properties of SURFOGEL® grade AF

Grade SURFOGEL® grade AF 
Appearance at 20°С Transparent fluid with the colour
varying from yellow to brown
Density at 20°С, g/cm3,
within the range 
Apparent viscosity of 10%-solution
by Brucfield at shear rate of 100 с-1,
not less than  

Customer Benefits of viscoelastic surfactant SURFOGEL® grade AF

  • Ability to form acid gel in HCl solutions of different concentrations including high HCl concentration.
  • No plugging damage of the formation.
  • Compatibility with mineralized waters.
Customer Benefits of SURFOGEL® grade AF Based Acid Gels for Fracturing  

  • Automatically regulated speed of acid gel reaction with carbonate rock provides deep penetration of acidic gel into the formation.
  • Ability to regulate the initial gel viscosity within a wide range. Ability to stabilize dissolved ferric iron in the concentration up to  5 000 ppm.
  • High proppant carrying ability.
  • High shear resistance.
  • Low corrosiveness.
  • Compatibility with oils.
  • No breaker is required. Acid gel lows its viscosity when contacts oil.
  • Comparing to conventionally used fracturing and proppant carrying fluids for acid frac the application of SURFOGEL® based acid gel allows to combine the stages of fracturing fluid injection and proppant transportation because one and the same acid is used for both stages without any spacer injection. It allows to reduce substantially the amount of operations within the fracturing process, to reduce the total amount of injected fluids, to reduce the number of fluid making facilities and equipment required for fracturing facilitating, and minimizes the risks connected with multiple stages of fracturing performing.   

Consumption rates

The consumption of SURFOGEL® grade AF for making acid  fracturing gel depends on customer’s requirements towards the  fracturing fluid ( i.e. its initial viscosity, HCl concentration, proppant sinkage, etc.) and makes over 7%. To achieve higher viscosity of  acid gels it is recommended to add viscosity intensifier VISCOTRIN. In the surplus of ferric iron concentration it is advisable to add ACIRONIX-IRON® into the tubing pickling fluid. It facilitates the compatibility of fracturing fluids with oils even in complicated conditions.

To make acid gel in the field conditions it is recommended to add some part of gelling agent  SURFOGEL® grade AF at the stage of pre-mix. The rest of the gelling agent is injected in-flow.    

To select the optimal design of application and consumption rate of gelling agent SURFOGEL® grade AF contact the specialists of Polyex Service Department.


Gelling agent SURFOGEL® grade AF is supplied in 200 liter  polyethylene drums or in polyethylene containers with 1 m3 capacity.

Gelling agent SURFOGEL® grade AF is certified for the application in oil-and-gas industry.

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