Non-polymer fracturing / proppant carrying fluids

Non-polymer fracturing fluids made with VES-based gelling system SURFOGEL® grade D

Polymer free water-based fracturing & proppant carrying fluid, which take on the demanded rheological behavior and proppant carrying ability due to the use of Viscoelastic surfactant (VES) based gelling systems SURFOGEL® grade D allow to expend the applicability of hydrofrac technologies to great extent. The application of non-polymer fracturing fluids remove the restrictions in the selection of objects for performing hydrofrac operations. The application of non-polymer fracturing fluids also allows to eliminate the stage of postfrac completing as no cleaning of a frac from residual polymer gel is required , and residual conductivity of a proppant pack is high enough.

Gel forming system SURFOGEL® grade D is a multicomponent complex, which consists of SURFOGEL® grade D (Surfactant Base), SURFOGEL® grade D (Activator),  SURFOGEL® grade D (Destructor) and SURFOGEL® grade D (pH Regulator). Depending on the grade of Surfactant it is possible to select and formulate the optimal fracturing fluid for the particular geological conditions including formation temperatures.

SURFOGEL® grade D (Surfactant Base) is available in four types: SURFOGEL® grade D (Surfactant Base) type 20-40, SURFOGEL® grade D (Surfactant Base) type 40-70, SURFOGEL® grade D (Surfactant Base) type70-100 and SURFOGEL® grade D (Surfactant Base) type100-150. These four types differ in surfactant ratios and application temperatures.

Customer benefits of SURFOGEL® grade D based fracturing fluid application 

  • No polymers contained in hydrofracturing fluid.
  • Possibility to achieve high viscosity of fracturing fluid  (up to 1000 mPa·s at shear rate 100 s-1 at 60°С/90°С for type 40-70 and type 70-100 correspondingly), which do not decrease with time and which increase with the temperature growth from the minimal to the maximal value for the corresponding type. 
  • 100% residual conductivity of proppant packing as a result of absence of formation plugging with decomposition products.
  • Instantaneous recovery of viscosity parameter after shear application.
  • High resistance to mechanical destruction (shear).
  • High solubility in oil without the increase of oil viscosity.
  • High compatibility with the mineralized water.

Consumption rates

The fracturing fluid is a solution of the SURFOGEL® grade D system components (namely Surfactant Base, Activator, Destructor and pH Regulator) in fresh process water. Component wise supply of the the system allows to adjust fracturing fluid properties in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Total content of  SURFOGEL® grade D complex components in the fracturing fluid makes  4-14% depending on the type of Surfactant Base, rheological parameters being required and the chemical composition of the water being used.

To select the optimal design of application and consumption rate of gelling agent SURFOGEL® grade D contact the specialists of Polyex Service Department.


All liquid components of gel forming system SURFOGEL® grade D are supplied in polyethylene drums with 227 l capacity or in polyethylene containers with 1 m3 capacity.

All dry components of gel forming system SURFOGEL® grade D are supplied in PP bags with PE liner.

Gel forming system SURFOGEL® grade D is certified for the application in oil-and-gas industry.

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