H2S scavenger PS-TN

H2S scavenger PS-TN

TU 2458-049-53501222-2005

H2S scavenger PS-TN is developed specially for H2S and mercaptans neutralization in the commercial oils.

PS-TN is a synergistic mix of triazines and imines in the aliphatic alcohols.

Area of application

  • Removal of H2S and mercaptans from commercial oils.

Grade  PS-TN 

Homogeneous fluid with the color varying from colorless
to brown, without any suspended matters and sediments,
without dividing into layers. The fluid has distinctive odor 

Density at 20ºС,
g/cm3, within limits
Freezing temperature,
ºС, not higher than   
Minus 50
Content of main substance, %   70±10% 

Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s,
not more than:
- 20ºС,
- minus 40°С 

Corrosiveness of commodity form:
St3 at 20 ºС for 24 hours, g/(m2· hour),
not more than  
Mass fraction of chlor-organic compounds,
mkg/g (mln-1), not more than  
Solubility in oil and oil products  Completely soluble 

Customer benefits

  • PS-TN doesn’t contain free formaldehyde and bounded formaldehyde.
  • PS-TN and the products of its reaction with H2S dissolve in the oil products. 
  • PS-TN doesn’t form sediment as compared to conventionally used scovengers based on triazines and formaldehyde.
  • PS-TN contains minimal quantity of water (less than 5%). Water isn’t disengaged while the neutralization and it doesn’t cause the deterioration of quality of processed oil.
  • PS-TN is hazard class 3 substance.
  • PS-TN has low consumption rate*.

*While laboratory tests in the black heating oil M-100 the ratio of the chemical to H2S made 3 ppm to 1 ppm of H2S, allowing to achieve the residual H2S content values less than 2 ppm. The tests have been held at the temperature of 60 °С, with exposure time of 3 hours.

Process Technique

PS-TN is injected directly into the oil products with intensive mixing. Increasing of the temperature of oil product and the mixing intensity increases PS-TN ability for H2S and mercaptans neutralization. Therefore black heating oil and heavy oil products are recommended to be heated up to 50-70°С, this decreases the viscosity of the treated products and facilitates the spreading of PS-TN. It is also recommended to provide maximum duration of neutralization process (time of PS-TN reaction in the oil product), it allows to use PS-TN more effectively with reduced consumption.

Consumption of PS-TN is calculated according to the type of treated medium, initial concentration of H2S and required residual concentration of H2S and mercaptans, operating temperature of treated product, mass exchange effectiveness and time given for the reaction.

Optimal consumption of PS-TN is defined with laboratory and/or field trial.


H2S scavenger PS-TN is supplied in the steel and PE barrels with a capacity of 50 and 200 liter, PE containers with a capacity of 1 m3.

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