H2S scavenger PS-4

H2S and mercaptan scavenger of PS-4 brand

TU 2458-049-53501222-2005

H2S and mercaptan scavengers of PS-4 brand are designed to capture H2S and mercaptans at well killing for maintenance or conservation, at the flushing of bottom hole, as well as during oil, gas and petrochemical production and transportation.

H2S and mercaptan scavengers of PS-4 brand are formaldehyde-based H2S scavengers and are available in three types: type 1, type 2 and type 3.

PS-4 type 1 and PS-4 type 2 are water water-alcohol solutions of mixture of carbonyl and heterocyclic amine-based compounds.

PS-4 type 3 is alcohol solution of mixture of carbonyl derivatives and surfactants.

Area of Application

  • Н2S and mercaptan neutralization in the commercial oils.
  • Treatment of natural gas and oil-well gas.
  • Killing operations in oil and gas wells having high hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan emission.
  • Treatment of water, which contains hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. 
  • Treatment of produced water prior its injection into the formation.


Grade PS-4 type 1  PS-4 type 2  PS-4 type
Appearance at 20°C    Liquid with the colour varying from colourless
               to light-yellow with specific odor
Main substance content, %      36 ± 10      36 ± 10      90 ± 10
H2S and mercaptan banding type                                   Irreversible
Specific gravity at 20°C, g/cm3,
within the range 
  1.02 1.12             1.00-1.10     0.96-1.06
Freezing point, °С,
not lower than 
  Minus 30      Minus 40    Minus 50 
Solubility in water                       Completelysoluble
Solubility in oil   Dispersible   Dispersible      Soluble
Corrosiveness of the commodity form,
g/(m2*hour), for 24 hours at 20оС,
not more tan 
Customers Benefits
  • High capturing power for H2S and mercaptans.
  • Low cost of the chemicals.
  • Low consumption of the chemicals.
  • High reaction speed for H2S. The absorption is not reversible. 
  • The reaction products are stable and safe, they show distinct inhibiting properties and do not precipitate.
  • High bacterial growth-inhibitory activity for sulfate-reducing bacteria, efficient H2S corrosion inhibiting.
  • Low freezing point.
  • Universal in its application (for PS-3). Can be used both in water and in hydrocarbon media.
  • Highly soluble in killing brines.
  • Compatible with the modifying agents used for brine fluids for well killing.
  • H2S and mercaptan scavengers PS-4 can be used in acid medium.
Process Technique

Treatment with H2S and mercaptan scavengers of PS-4 brand can be performed both by continuous injection and by batch treatment of the fluids with increased chemical concentration.

Consumption of the chemicals is calculated depending on the type of the treated medium (water/well-killing brine/oil/fuel oil), initial concentration of H2S and its minimum required content of H2S and mercaptans, operating temperature of the treated product, mass exchange effectiveness and time given for the reaction.

To select the optimal design of application of the chemicals it is recommended to contact the specialists of Service & Sales Department of Polyex company.


H2S and mercaptan scavenger PS-4 жирным is delivered in polyethylene drums with 50 dm3 volume, polyethylene containers with 1 m3 volume and polyethylene drums with 227 dm3 volume.

H2S and mercaptan scavengers of PS-4  brand are certified for the application in oil-and-gas industry.

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