Representatives of Polyex company took part in a conference dedicated to the implementation of innovations in performing the maintenance, workover and geological and technical measures at wells

15 June 2021

The conference was held within the framework of the TYUMEN OIL AND GAS CONFERENCES project and brought together leading experts from oil and gas producing companies, oil and gas service companies and industry experts. Topical reports, discussions and "round tables" created excellent conditions for the fruitful work of professionals and the development of practical solutions for existing challenges and recommendations for their effective solution.

The Polyex specialist presented technologies for acidizing production and injection wells performed without employing workover crew, as well as technologies for killing wells with abnormally low formation pressure with new ultra-light oil-based killing fluids with densities of 0.5 g / cm3.

Polyex company expresses its gratitude to the organizers and participants of the conference for the fruitful cooperation.