Acidic stimulation: look before you leap

Oil & Gas Vertical, № 12’2008

А. Shipilov, Candidate of chemical sciences, Technical Director of "Polyex JSC"

Acid stimulation of producing wells is one of the most important modern elements of oil recovery enhancement technologies. Inhibited hydrochloric acid and HCl-based stimulation fluids. are most widely used for these purposes by domestic oil -servicing and oil-producing companies,.

The effectiveness of the acid stimulation of oil wells substantially depends on the quality of the hydrochloric acid used. The presence of even an insignificant amount of iron ions and other impurities in it leads to a sharp decrease in the efficiency of acid treatment of the critical zone of the wellbore and, ultimately, to a significant decrease in the planned increase in hydrocarbon production from the treated well.

Also the increased content of iron ions leads to the need to use corrosion inhibitors in high concentrations.

Current article observes the application of SOLING inhibitor for acid stimulation of the well.