Polymer-free viscosity controlling agent (viscoelastic surfactant) for acid-proppant fracturing

UDK 622.

Neftepromyslovoe delo 10(610), 2019

A.V. Elsukov, 
A.I. Shipilov, 
E.V. Krutikhin, 
N.V. Babkina, 
D.V. Nikolaeva (Polyex JSC)

Keywords: acid-proppant fracturing of formation; gelled acids; viscoelastic surfactant; rheology; proppant carrying ability.

The article is devoted to one of the promising areas of the development of acidic treatment of the reservoir, namely acid fracturing of formation (acid fracturing). The study of the properties of gelled acid was performed with providing the required proppant carrying ability for fracturing fl uid through the use of non-polymeric non clogging viscoelastic surfactant (VES). Adding of VES into acid fracturing fl uid allows to control easily and to vary in a simple way the viscosity of the acid fl uid and its ability to transport proppant within wide limits. This acid system is offered as technologically more simple and more effective alternative to a complex multi-stage injection of various fl uids during acid-proppant fracturing.