Demulsifiers of DEMULTRIM brand

Demulsifiers of DEMULTRIM brand 


Demulsifiers of DEMULTRIM brand are designed to use in petroleum industry as oil-water emulsion breaker in the processes of field gathering of oil and petroleum gas, oil transportation and treatment and desalting of oil. 

Demulsifiers of DEMULTRIM brand are complex compositions of surfactants in solvent.

A wide range of demulsifiers of DEMULTRIM brand is available for different types of oils: DEMULTRIM LN demulsifiers are meant for light oils, DEMULTRIM SN demulsifiers are meant for medium oils and DEMULTRIM TN demulsifiers are meant for heavy oils. 

Application Area 

  • De-emulsification of oils and oil viscosity decreasing.
  • Demulsification in pipelines.
  • Application at the oil treatment plants and preliminary water removal unit.


 Appearance at 20оС               Liquid with the colour varying from colorless to dark-brown
Density at 20 ºС, g/cm3
within the range  
0.87-0.95 0.85-0.97 0.87-0.95 0.85-0.97  0.87-0.95 0.85-0.97
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/sec,
not more than at 20°С
at minus 40°С
Freezing point, °С,
not more than 
Minus 45 Minus 40 Minus 45 Minus 45 Minus 45 Minus 40
Mass concentration of main
substance, %, 
within the range 
48-52 30-55 48-52  35-60  48-52 35-65
Customer Benefits 

Demulsifiers of DEMULTRIM brand

  • Show demulsifying properties at applying in oil treatment facilities and at oil flyover demulsification.
  • Show high depth of oil dewatering and oil demineralization, reduce amount of oil residuals in bottom water. 
  • Show effective performance in tarry oils of any watercut.
  • Additionally show the ability to reduce crude oil viscosity and to reduce ferric sulphide content in crude oil.

Process Technique 

To achieve the maximal efficiency of application the demulsifiers of DEMULTRIM brand are injected continuously. At oil production the demulsifiers are injected into annulus with capillary tube dosing. At oil treatment the demulsifiers are injected at the crude oil entrance into the treatment facility. 

The optimal efficient consumption of demulsifiers of DEMULTRIM brand is determined with lab tests.

To obtain more information on organizing in-field laboratory test on selecting the optimal demulsifiers and determining the consumption rates it is recommended to contact the specialists of Sales & Service Department of Polyex Company.


Demulsifiers of DEMULTRIM brand are delivered in metal drums with the capacity of 200 l, polyethylene drums with the capacity 227 l and polyethylene tanks with the capacity 1 m3.

Demulsifiers of DEMULTRIM brand are certified for the application in oil and gas industry.

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