HCl Corrosion Inhibitor SOLING grade LU

Technical Requirements TU 2499-043-53501222-2014

Purpose of Use

Acid corrosion inhibitors of SOLING brand are designed to provide effective protection of equipment in HCl solutions.

Acid corrosion inhibitor SOLING grade LU  is meant  provide the protection of equipment in HCl solutions, hydrofluoric acid solutions and their blends.

Acid corrosion inhibitors of SOLING brand  are  blends of surfactants, which are highly soluble in mineral acids.

Application Area

Protection of steel equipment used in chemical, petrochemical and oil-producing industries.





Liquid with the color varying from colorless  to brown

Specific gravity at 20°C, g/cm3,
within the range of


Protective effect  for steel St3 at 20 °C in
20%-solution of HCl with the concentration
of inhibitor 4 g/dm3, %, not less than


Specific corrosion rate for steel St3 at 20 °C in 20%-solution of HCl with the concentration
of inhibitor 4 g/dm3, g/m2*h, not more than


Freezing point, °C, not higher than

Minus 28

Customer Benefits

  • Inhibitors are highly effective in HCl and hydrofluoric acid solution blends. Steel corrosion in the stated mediums makes 0.2 g/m2∙hour with working concentration of  SOLING grade LU inhibitor of about 0.2 - 0.4%.
  • Inhibitor is fully soluble in acid, does not spoil the appearance of the acid package and does not change its color.
  • SOLING reduces interfacial tension between crude oil and acid. It is a very important property for HCl application in oil-producing industry.
  • Eliminates forming of acid-oil emulsions in critical area of formation.
  • The inhibitor provides prolonged protective effect.

Delivery and packing 

Corrosion inhibitor SOLING grade LU and are supplied in PE containers by 50 l, 200 l and 1 m3.

Corrosion inhibitor SOLING is certified for the application in oil-and-gas field.

To obtain more detailed information about the chemical and determining its optimal consumption for the particular application please consult the specialists of POLYEX jsc.

Chemicals of SOLING brand have been supplied to such big Russian chemical HCl manufacturers as HaloPolymer-Perm, HaloPolymer-Kirivo-Tchepetsk, Kaustik-Volgograd, Soda-Chlorat and Kaustik-Pavlodar for more than 10 years.

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