Alkali-based scale dissolver DESCAVENT

Alkali-based scale dissolver DESCAVENT 

TU 20.59.59-125-53501222-2017


Alkali-based scale dissolver DESCAVENT is designed for the application in oil and gas industry with the purpose of removing of mineral deposits, such as calcium sulfate, carbonates, iron compounds.  

Scale dissolver DESCAVENT is alkali-in-water composition containing salts of organic and mineral acids and specific complex of surfactants. 

Application Area 

  • Scale removing from surface and downhole equipment in the processes of oil recovery and treatment.
  • Scale removing and flushing of the equipment in circulation water supply systems.
  • Heat-exchange equipment descaling.
  • Cleaning of industrial equipment from mineral deposits.  



Appearance at 20°С

Transparent liquid varying from colorless to light-yellow       

pH of 1% water solution, pH units, withtin the range 


Density at 20°С, g/сm3, withtin the range


Corrosion rate in Steel St3 at 20°С for 24 hours, 
g/m2•hour, not more than


Customer Benefits 

·       Fast and efficient scale removing.

·       Dissolving of inorganic salts of different nature.

·       Low corrosive activity.

·       Low toxicity.

Process Technique 

Flushing of the equipment with alkali-based dissolvent DESCAVENT solutions is performed by the technique of dynamic bath with low injection rate in a closed system.

Estimated amount of scale dissolvent is injected cyclically, with 30 minutes intervals between the injection cycles, until complete scale removing is observed.   

Technological parameters of the treatment and the volumes of scale dissolvent to be injected are calculated individually for each well in accordance with well technical characteristics.

To obtain more detailed information on consumption rates and organizing of laboratory tests please contact the specialists of sales and service department of Polyex company.


Alkali-based scale dissolvent DESCAVENT is delivered in polyethylene drums with the capacity of 227 l and polyethylene tanks with the capacity of 1 m3.

Alkali-based scale dissolvent DESCAVENT is certified for the application in oil and gas industry.

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