POLYEX company is specialized in the sphere of chemical technologies and chemicals for enhanced oil recovery, well servicing and workover operations in oil and gas production and injection wells, as well as for oil and gas production and transportation. The company has many years' experience in the sphere of chemical methods of EOR. We offer a wide range of EOR solutions, including the ones for the oil and gas fields with challenged reserves.  

Another field of POLYEX activity is the production and supply of antiseptics and disinfectants used both in everyday life and in various fields of activity, as well as chemicals for the manufacturing of general-purpose disinfectants used in various industries.

Chemicals for making polymer-free fracturing fluids for different types of formation fracturing and chemicals for postfrac completion.
Clear brines in liquid and dry commodity forms and special additives for non-damaging killing of the wells, ultralight killing fluids
Ready-to-use acid compositions and modifiers for preparation of acidic compositions
Chemicals for making flow-diverters of emulsion, sediment-forming and othe types, used while well acidizing.  
Chemicals for destruction of clay and filter cake formed by polymer muds and fracturing fluids
Chemicals for the protection from corrosion, scales, hydrates and asphaltene resin and wax deposits
Chemicals for neutralization of hydrogen sulphide and other sulphur compounds during oil recovery, transportation and refining
Emulsifiers for preparation of hydrocarbon emulsion compositions  
Surfactant-based oil washing off chemicals for wide scope of application
Components of water-based drilling fluids.