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Fresh Well Completion after Drilling

The process of oil and gas well completion after drilling is the final stage of well construction and it affects to much extent the achieving of designed well yields. Elimination of negative affect of drilling mud on to the pay zone permeability as well as preparing of the perforation media which are non-damaging for formation allow to improve sufficiently the output of wells from the very beginning of their exploitation.

Technologies and chemicals for well completion after drilling:

  1. Completion of oil, gas and gas-condensate wells after drilling in carbonate and terrigenous reservoirs with the use of clay & polymer destructing acid-based stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 110.

  2. Well completion after drilling with further acidizing with acid stimulation fluids KSPEO-2 or FLUXOCORE® 210.   

  3. Well completion after drilling with the use of acid stimulation fluids FLUXOCORE® 210, FLUXOCORE® 201, KSPEO-2.