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Enhanced Oil Recovery. Water Shut-off. Conformance Control. 

The problem of water cut of produced fluids and the growth of costs for the utilization of produced waters become the most acute at the late development of mature fields. The existence of effective solutions for water shut-off, for redirection of filtration flows and for conformance control (i.e. changing the profile of the injectivity of wells) can extend significantly the period of cost-effective operation of oil and gas wells.

However, in conditions of rapid depletion of hydrocarbon reserves, the value of technologies aimed at improving the HC recovery factor. Active implementation of polymer flooding, surfactant-polymer flooding and alkali-surfactant-polymer flooding technologies both at the stage of applying tertiary oil recovery enhancement methods and from the very beginning of field development can improve significantly oil recovery factor. The use of polymers in flooding technologies allows increasing the sweep efficiency and changing the water/oil mobility ratio.

Technologies and chemicals for decreasing the water cut of produced fluids for conformance control in injection wells and for redirecting of filtration flows:

  1. Technologies of water shut-off, water cut decrease in production wells and conformance control in injection wells with the help of TAMOLEX®.

  2. Technologies of conformance control in injection wells with hydrocarbon emulsions based on EKS-EM® or EMITRIT®.

  3. Polymers of EXPOL brand manufactured by Polyex allow to select solutions both for polymer systems capable of crosslinking and intended for the use in the treatment of bottomhole zone in order to block areas with increased permeability, and for reducing of water /oil mobility ratio which contribute to the increasing of sweep efficiency and displacement efficiency.