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Components of Water-Based Drilling Muds

Since drilling mud is the first process fluid which interacts with the newly exposed rock, the quality of well construction, including the quality of productive formation drilling in depends to great extent on the drilling mud being used. Drilling muds are complex multicomponent dispersed systems of suspension, emulsion and aerated liquids. Drilling mud parameters during well drilling are taken based on the geological and production settings of the section and the experience of drilling wells in similar geological and production settings.

Polyex Company offers a range of chemicals for controlling the properties of water-based drilling muds.

Components of water-based drilling muds:

  1. Biopolymer structure forming rheology regulator for drilling muds XANTOL.
  2. Additives for mud fluid loss control - filtration reducers for drilling fluids of ANICELL brand (of polyanionic cellulose) (ANICELL brand LV and ANICELL brand HV) and of POLYAMILAR brand (starches).
  3. Lubricating additives for drilling muds LUBRIFAT (based on fatty acids), LUBRISFER (based on polymer spheres) or LUBRIMINOL (based on mineral oils).
  4. Drilling mud thinners THINIX (based on tannin) or LIGTIN (based on lignosulfonates)/
  5. Universal defoamer used both in aqueous and in hydrocarbon media, NOFOAMAX.