About us

POLYEX company is specialized in the sphere of chemicals and technologies for improved oil recovery, well servicing and workover operations in oil and gas production and injection wells, as well as for oil and gas production and transportation. The company has many years’ experience in the sphere of chemical methods of oil recovery improvement. We offer a wide range of oil recovery improvement solutions, including the ones for the oil and gas fields with challenged reserves.

The company was founded in 2000. A number of unique researches of chemicals for IOR carried out in collaboration with specialists of Perm Research Institutes gave a start for the Company development. 

The main scope of activities: 

  • Designing of chemicals for oil and gas industry and working out the technologies of their manufacturing,
  • Manufacturing of the chemicals,
  • Designing and validation of treatment schedules for the chemicals used in the wells and in the oilfield facilities,
  • Process support.

The company has its disposal specialized analytical and research laboratories, where new chemical designing works and chemical efficiency researches are performed and quality control is carried out. 


Polyex Company produces more than 50 items of chemicals. The most demanded of them are the following:

  • Chemicals for well-workover operations and production maintenance of wells: complex surfactant for non-damaging completion & killing of wells GF-1
  • Chemicals for enhanced oil recovery: self deviating acidic compound, and compositions for acid stimulation of KSPEO and FLUXOCORE® 210 and FLUXOCORE® 110 brands
  • Chemicals for the anticorrosive protection of the equipment: inhibitors NORUST®, SOLING
  • Chemicals for water influx protection & well injectivity leveling: emulsifier EKS-EM® or EMITRIT® based hydrocarbon emulsions for extreme low pressure wells, POLYPAV cheminal for washing off oil film

Service provided

Specialists of POLYEX company offer consultations on selecting the wells and validation of IOR chemical method application efficiency. They also provide process support in the fields at the wells.

Provided service include:

  • Incoming control of chemicals at the well,
  • Selection of wells for the treatment and assessment of attainable efficiency,
  • Designing the schedule of treatment,
  • Performing the validation of treatment schedule for the chosen technology,
  • Support and assistance at the process of performing the work on-site at the well,
  • Issuing application reports and comparative analysis.

Company technologies and chemicals are applied in the fields of West Siberia, Komi Republic, Perm Krai, Udmurt Republic, Orenburg Region, Volga region as well as in Kazakhstan. The experience of application of Polyex chemicals in different geological conditions including the fields with late stage of field development, as well as the experience of work with hard to recover reserves provides a good background for working out optimal processing solutions for the individual needs of a Customer.

Polyex Company works in close cooperation with such research institutes in oil-and-gas industry as VNIIneft (Moscow), ETC Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan (Astrakhan), Affiliate of LUKOIL-Enginering PermNIPIneft (Perm), Affiliate of LUKOIL-Enginering PechorNIPIneft (Ukhta), Affiliate of KogalymNIPIneft in Tumen, Gazprom VNIIgaz (Moscow), Affiliate of Gazprom VNIIgaz Sever-NIPIgaz (Ukhta), Rosneft UfaNIPIneft (Ufa), Perm Science Center of Ural Department of Russian Academy of Sciences (Perm) and others.