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Removing And Preventing of Scale Deposits

Forming of mineral sediment deposits or so called scale deposits is a serious problem in oil and gas industry. Even within one day of exploitation the water, which passes through the pay zone of the well, the production string and the oilfield equipment may contain hundreds of kilograms of dissolved salt ions. Pressure fluctuation and temperature variation during the production process promotes solid scale forming.

Formed in this way solids, calcium sulfates and carbonates, strontium sulfates and barium sulfates in particular, are characterized with the property of surface bond especially with metals. Solid mineral scale deposits inside the pump and compressor equipment lower the fluid flow and thus lead to the decrease in oil production. Scale removing may be a very complicated and expensive operation. Polyex offers chemical solutions for removing and preventing scale deposits.

Chemicals and technologies for removing and preventing of scale deposits:
  1. Technology of cleaning the equipment from scale deposits with the solutions of specialized hydrochloric acid for oil and gas industry.

  2. Technology of cleaning the equipment from sulphate scale deposits with the help of alkali-based scale dissolvent DESCAVENT.
  3. Technology of protecting the equipment from scale deposits with the help of SALTONIX or INIPOL® AD 32 K scale inhibitors containing surfactants, which suppress the process of scale depositing at the stage of crystal forming.

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