EMITRIT® - High Temperature Emulsifier for Preparing Thermostable Hydrocarbon Emulsions

Technical Requirements TU 2413-097-53501222-2014

Purpose of Use

Emulsifier EMITRIT® is specially designed to make hydrocarbon based emulsions used at drilling completion and killing of the wells with extremely low reservoir pressure, for the wells with lost circulation, for leveling of injectivity profile of injection wells, for redistribution of filtration flows at water shut off and for flow diverting at acidic stimulation and massive acidizing of production wells in carbonate reservoirs with low pressure. Emulsifier EMITRIT® is recommended for the application in high temperature conditions (up to 100 °C / 212 °F).

Emulsifier EMITRIT® is a complex composition consisting of high unsaturated fatty acid esters dissolved in hydrocarbon solvents with adding of high temperature stabilizers.

Application Area

  • Production wells with carbonate and sandstone reservoirs with watering level up to 70 % (acidic stimulation).
  • Injection wells with carbonate and sandstone reservoirs with the injectivity of up to 500 m3 per day.
  • Killing of wells with abnormally low formation pressure.
  • Flow diverting at massive acidizing treatment of the wells in carbonate fractured reservoirs with low formation pressure.


Appearance  Liquid with the colour varuing from light yellow to dark brown
Density at 20 °C, g/cm3  0.80 - 0.90
Concentrations of main material by mass,
%, not less than
Freezing point, °C, not more than  Minus 40

Depending on the ratio of water and hydrocarbon phases emulsifier EMITRIT® allows to get stable hydrophobic emulsions with the densities ranging from 950 to 1 300 kg/m3 with different viscosity and structural-and-rheological properties.

The emulsions are thermostable, no banding into water and organic phase is observed even at the temperature of 100 °C / 212 °F.

Customer Benefits of Hydrocarbon Emulsions Stabilized With EMITRIT®

  • Termostability of emulsions with emulsifier EMITRIT® at the temperature of 100 °C / 212 °F.
  • Emulsions are non-damaging for the reservoir and preserve its characteristics.
  • Emulsion have high pumpability.
  • Use of the emulsions reduces the period of resumption of stable output of the wells after maintenance and repair works.
  • Preventing lost circulations.
  • Low corrosiveness of hydrocarbon emulsions comparing with formation waters and brines.
  • Selective performance (in contact with oil the emulsions are getting thinner and are carried through the formation, in contact with formation water the emulsion viscosity and structural characteristics increase building up the resistance to the filtration of water and thus reducing the water permeability of the zone).
  • Prolonged effect after the application.

Process Technique & Consumption

As water component for the hydrophobic emulsions some mineralized produced waters or brine solutions (NaCl, CaCl2, etc.) can be used.

For hydrocarbon component is it possible to use crude oil.

To select the optimal design of application and consumption of EMITRIT® it is recommended to contact the specialists of Sales & Service Department of Polyex company.


Emulsifier EMITRIT® is delivered in metal drums with the capacity of 227 l. Transportation of the chemical with railway cisterns and tank-cars is also allowed.

Emulsifier EMITRIT® is certified for the application in oil-and-gas industry.

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