Sediment-forming composition TAMOLEX® grade A

Sediment forming composition TAMOLEX® grade A

TU  2432-110-53501222-2015

Sediment forming composition TAMOLEX® grade A is designed for water shut-off in production wells, for reducing the water-cut of produced fluid, for injectivity profile leveling in injection wells, which leads to enhanced oil recovery, and as a flow-diverter at acid stimulation in production wells.

Sediment forming composition TAMOLEX® grade A is a dry mixture of compound organic soaps, well soluble in fresh water.     

Application Area
  •  Leveling of injectivity profile of injection wells with redistribution of filtration flow direction in injection wells with sandstone and carbonate reservoirs.
  • Water shut-off in the production wells.
  • Blocking of highly water-encroached interlayers in multipay pools.
  • Flow diverting at acidizing of production wells with water-cut of 80-90 % and higher.

 Grade                                TAMOLEX® grade A


Heterogeneous Flakes of light to dark brown color
(the presence of caked pieces
of various sizes is allowed) 

Mass fraction of dry active matter, %, not less than


рН of 2 % emulsion


Flash-point, ˚C

Not applicable

Solubility in water


The content of quaternary ammonium compounds
which can decompose to organochlorine compounds
at temperatures no higher than 204 °C / 399.2 °F
                                        Does not contain

Customer Benefits

  • Selective performance in water-yielding interval of critical area.
  • Composition is stable within long period of time.
  • Wide range of application temperatures (over 100 °C / 212 °F).
  • Ability of working solution filterability into porous rock medium due to the low viscosity of the working solution (µ = 1.2 - 1.3 mPa⋅s).
  • Controllable sediment forming.

Provided when using dry composition:
  • No crystallization and freezing (vs fluids) at transportation, storage and application in winter.
  • Transportability and easy-to store, including the possibility to store the product at site near the well. 
  • No vessels are required for storage of the product.
  • Easy incoming quality control.

Process Technique

Working solution of sediment forming composition TAMOLEX® grade A is prepared in the vessels at site by diluting the chemical with fresh water with the temperature from 20 to 40 °C / 68-104 °F in the ratio of about 50 to 150 kg of the chemical per 1m3 of ready-to-use solution.

The working solutions of TAMOLEX® grade A are prepared in portions and are pumped into the well in non-stop cycles for each treatment. The injection of TAMOLEX® grade A fluid is done interchanged with the batches of mineralized water with the spacers of fresh water between the batches.

The number of injection cycles and the consumption of TAMOLEX® grade A depends on the geological and technical parameters of the well treated and is determined individually for each object.  

When entering a water-saturated zone during the interacting with a solid rock surface the soluble part of the reagent is partially adsorbed on the surface of the porous medium. Remaining part of the solution when interacting with formation water or CaCl2 solution, precipitates, clogs the pores, thereby reducing the permeability to subsequent volumes of water.

For more detailed information about technique of application of TAMOLEX® grade A contact the specialists of Sales & Service Department of Polyex company.


Sediment forming composition TAMOLEX® grade A is supplied in PP bags with PE liner or in big bags by 1 000 – 1 200 kg.

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