SeptTOS Extra

TU 20.20.14-108-505015207-2020

According to the World Health Organization recommendations SeptTOS Extra is intended for hand hygiene, local treatment of skin, for small surfaces indoors disinfection including hard-to-reach surfaces, pieces of decor, toys, instruments, nursing items, etc., feet treatment and foot-wear from rubber, plastic and other polymer materials in case to prevent fungous disease.

SeptTOS Extra exhibits bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal effects. SeptTOS Extra is active against bacteria: gram-negative bacteria, gram-positive bacteria (except mycobacteria tuberculosi), viruses: HIV, cytomegala, herpes, influenza, parainfluenza, adenovirus and rotavirus infection, parenteral hepatitis B, C, D; pathogenic fungi Candida, dermatophytes.


SeptTOS Extra is ready to use solution of isopropyl alcohol absolute, purified water and functional additives mix.

Application Area

SeptTOS Extra antiseptic and disinfecting agent against viruses and bacteria is used for hand sanitizing and sanitary disinfecting of surfaces including medical equipment, patient-care items, personal hygiene facilities etc. It’s also recommended for using at: 

  • Medical organizations, ambulance car, emergency zone, safety shower;
  • Prevention and treatment facilities, dentist's rooms, bacteriological laboratories;
  • Children's and education institutions (kinder garden, schools etc.);
  • Welfare offices (rest homes, nursing homes etc.), hospices, military institutions and prison facilities;
  • Public catering facilities;Food retail facilities;
  • Markets, public utilities (bathhouses, swimming pools, hotels, public toilets etc.);
  • Hair salons, beauty and/or massage salons etc.;
  • In everyday use;
  • Pharmaceutical and perfume manufacturing etc.
Main Properties and Customer benefits 
  • Multifunctional (can be used for hand sanitizing and disinfecting of surfaces).
  • Contains D-Panthenol (doesn’t need additional hand cream application, can be used for disinfecting and protection of dry skin).
  • Can be used for disinfecting of foot wear.
  • Does not cause negative effect when contacts damaged skin.
  • Has a higher washing capacity.
  • Sustainable and low-hazard substance, doesn’t generate toxic compounds with other substances in the air and waste water.
  • Characterized with wide spectrum of effect and high protective property.
Application technique

Hand sanitizing: apply not less than 3 ml of the solution on the dry hands (without their prior washing with water and soap) and rub into the skin until the drying.

Disinfecting of surfaces: clean surfaces of indoor space with tissue moisted with the solution or irrigate untill complete wetting. Consumption of the solution is 40 ml per 1m2 of surfaces.

Packing & Delivery

SeptTOS Extra is supplied in plastic bottles or tubes of 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml and plastic jugs of 5 l, 10 l, 20 l.

Store at the temperature from minus 10°С to 35°С in warehouse premises away from heaters, open fire and direct sunlight.

Guaranteed shelf life in manufacturer packaging is 24 month from the day of production.

Polyex company is the official distributor of UZPM company and has the right to sell disinfecting and washing concentrate SeptTOS Extra.

Product is certified and has all needed documentation attached below.

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