Disinfectant concentrate with washing effect SeptTOS-M

TU 20.20.14-112-05015207-2020

SeptTOS-M is used for preventative and local disinfecting of municipal facilities, outdoor spaces and common facilities of apartment buildings. SeptTOS-M has antibacterial effect against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (except tuberculosis micro bacteria).


SeptTOS-M is a transparent liquid varying from colorless to yellow color. Contains active substance of quaternary ammonium compound (2±1)% mix, non-ionic surfactants mix, functional additives and water as active ingredients.

Application Area

Disinfectant concentrate with washing effect SeptTOS-M is intended for disinfecting of road surfaces, bridges, overcrossings, tunnels, railway platforms, curbs, pavements, stairways, frontages, car bodies.

Following objects of outdoor spaces can be disinfected with SeptTOS-M:

  • Outdoor building surfaces and objects – pavements, benches, entrance area, outside doors, outdoor amenities, hand-rails, garbage cans (airports, railroad stations, shopping malls, markets, facilities for cultural and sports events, parks etc.);
  • Bus stops, underground walkways, ground crossings, streets, outside surfaces of trade tents and stands, public toilets, ticket terminals, bank and parking terminals etc.;
  • Preventive disinfection in common areas of apartment buildings – entrance halls, landings, elevators, stairways, garbage disposal units.

Main Properties and Customer benefits
  • Has a higher washing capacity.
  • Sustainable and low-hazard substance, doesn’t generate toxic compounds with other substances in the air and waste water.
  • Do not cause allergic reaction.
  • Effective for using in outdoor spaces.
  • Contains the effective mix of  quaternary ammonium compound.
  • Characterized with wide spectrum of effect and high protective property.
Application technique

Disinfecting is performed by irrigation method.The objects are irrigated with a 1.0% solution of the product at a rate of consumption of 300 ml/m2 of the treated surface.

When using a road surface disinfectant, delute the product with water in a ratio of 1: 100 directly in the working container of the flusher (machine). The working solution is sprayed onto the surface to be treated.

Protect hands with water-proof gloves when preparing working solutions of desinfectant. Avoid contact of the product and working solutions with skin and mucous membranes of the eyes. 

Packing & Delivery  

SeptTOS-M is supplied in plastic jugs of 5 l, 10 l, 20 l, in drum of 200 l and bulk container of 1000 l.

Store at temperatures not higher than 30ºС and with relative humidity 75%.

Guaranteed shelf life in manufacturer packaging is 24 month from the day of production.

Polyex company is the official distributor of  UZPM company and has the right to sell disinfecting and washing concentrate SeptTOS-M.

Product is certified and has all needed documentation attached below. 

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