Modified isopropyl alcohol IPS-TM grade R

TU 2421-055-53501222-2005

Industrial modified isopropyl alcohol IPS-TM grade R is applied as a broad-spectrum solvent and can be used as a substitute for isopropanol in the same spheres of application.

Industrial modified isopropyl alcohol IPS-TM grade R is a mixture of isopropyl alcohol, water and cosolvents: primary and secondary alcohols with the number of carbon atoms ranging from 2 to 3.


As per its physical and chemical properties IPS-TM grade R including solvent and drying ability is similar to isopropanol.

Grade IPS-TM grade R
Homogeneous fluid from colorless to light yellow
Odor  Persistent characteristic with weak alcohol tint   
Density at 20ºС, g/cm3,
within the range  
Alcohols  by volume,
%, not more than
Moisture content, %,
not more than  
Water miscibility  Complete mutual solubility 
Organochlorine compounds


Industrial modified isopropyl alcohol IPS-TM grade R is delivered in automobile or railway tanks intended for alcohol, 200 l. metal drums or other technological bulk tanks as agreed with the customer.

IPS-TM grade R packed metal drums is stored in covered ventilated warehouses protected from sunlight at a distance of at least 1 m from heating appliances. 

Guaranteed shelf life is 12 months.

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