СО2 & H2S Corrosion Inhibitor NORUST® 760

СО2 and H2S corrosion Inhibitor NORUST®760

TU 2458-069-53501222-2008

Inhibitors NORUST® 760 are a water soluble film- forming corrosion inhibitors which have been specially developed for the use in oil industry in order to ensure the protection against corrosion induced by the presence of CO2 and/or H2S.

CO2 and H2S corrosion inhibitors NORUST® 760 are available in four grades NORUST® 760 grade A, NORUST® 760 grade B, NORUST® 760 grade V and NORUST® 760 grade K.

Application Area

  • Protection of well casing from CO2 and H2S corrosion.
  • Protection of pipeline transportation systems from CO2 and H2S corrosion.
  • Protection of oil-field equipment from CO2 and H2S corrosion.
  • Protection of downhole equipment from CO2 and H2S corrosion (NORUST® 760 grade K).


grade А

grade B

grade V

NORUST® 760  
grade К 

Appearance at 20 °С

Homogeneous liquid with the colour varying from light yellow to dark brown

Specific gravity at 20 °C,
g/cm3, within the range





Kinematic viscosity
at 20 °С, mm2/s

    12 12    12        -

Freezing point, °С,
not lower than

Minus 45 Minus 50 Minus 50      Minus 45

Soluble in water and alcohol. Dispersible in hydrocarbons

of application
For complicated
For complicated 
For standard
For standard 

Customer Benefits
  • High speed of protective film forming.
  • No emulsification is observed. No influence at oil treatment.
  • Stability of corrosion inhibitor at high temperature and high pressure.
  • High effectiveness of the inhibitor which allows to reduce the consumption of the chemical at treatment.
  • Compatibility of the inhibitor with other chemicals and materials.
  • Low freezing-point of the inhibitor.
Process Technique

Corrosion inhibitors of NORUST® 760 brand are normally injected continuously by means of a dosing pump.

The injection rate of corrosion inhibitors of NORUST® 760 brand depends on fluid corrosiveness. Inhibitor injection in oil pipeline systems is usually performed continuously with the help of controlled-volume pump.

For crude oil pipeline transportation systems the dose varies between 10 to 25 ppm, based on total fluid.

For the treatment of annular space of wells equipped with electric centrifugal pumps and for the underground equipment protection the treatment is normally performed periodically, one time every one or two weeks.

NORUST® 760 Is applicable by the technique of inhibitor squeezing into formation and the technique of placing specialized downhole containers with the inhibitor under electric centrifugal pump (NORUST® 760 grade K).

To obtain more detailed information about the chemical and determining its optimal consumption for the particular application, or for organizing laboratory tests, please consult the specialists of POLYEX Company.  


Inhibitors NORUST® 760 are delivered in drums of 227 l or in PE containers of 1 m3.

Inhibitors NORUST® 760 are certified for use in the oil-and-gas industry.

NORUST® 760 is produced according to the technology and from the materials provided by the company of ARKEMA FRANCE.

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