Paraffin inhibitor POLYDEX 104

Paraffin inhibitors POLYDEX 104 work both as an inhibiting agents and as a dispersive agents and are designed for crude oil and gas-condensate treatment. POLYDEX 104 may also improve crude rheology.

Paraffin inhibitors POLYDEX 104 are mixtures of nonionic surfactants in organic solvent.

Paraffin inhibitors POLYDEX 104 are available in two types: POLYDEX 104 grade А and POLYDEX 104 grade V.

Area of Application 

  • Prevention of asphaltenes, resins and paraffins deposits in oil wells.
  • Prevention of asphaltenes, resins and paraffins deposits in oil and gas condensate production lines and pipelines.
  • Protection of equipment, storage tanks, etc. from paraffin deposits.

  POLYDEX 104 grade A       POLYDEX 104 grade V
Appearance at 20 °C  

Transparent liquid with the color varying from light yellow to yellow

Specific gravity at 20 °C,
g/cm3, within the range 

0.88 - 0.92

0.87 - 0.93

Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C,
mm2/s, not more than 



Freezing point, °C,
not higher than 

Minus 50

Minus 25


Soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohols. Insoluble in water.

Conditions of application  

Complicated conditions

Standard conditions

Customers Benefits 

  • Possibility to eliminate mechanical cleaning of equipment from asphaltenes, resins and paraffins deposits.
  • The inhibitors do not influence oil treatment (oil processing).
  • The inhibitors are stable under high temperatures and pressures.
  • High efficiency of the inhibitors allows to reduce their consumption.
  • The inhibitors are compatible with other chemicals produced by Polyex company.
  • Low freezing temperature of the inhibitors.

Process Technique 

As far as POLYDEX 104 inhibitors prevent the growth of paraffin crystals they are to be injected in the point before the place where the growth of the crystals starts. So inhibitors POLYDEX 104 are to be injected continuously in the point of the beginning of oil-gathering system.

The consumption of the inhibitor is to be determined with laboratory tests and it may vary from several grams to several hundreds of grams per one m3.

To obtain more detailed information about POLYDEX 104, organizing laboratory tests on inhibitor selection, determining its optimal consumption for the particular application please consult the specialists of Sales & Service department of POLYEX Company. 


Paraffin inhibitors POLYDEX 104 are delivered in drums of 227 l or in PE containers of 1 m3

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