Acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 201

Acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 201

TU 20.59.59-131-53501222-2019

HCl-based acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 201 is designed  for the  stimulation of oil production wells with carbonate and terrigenous reservoirs. Due to the high protective properties of corrosion inhibitor and due to the  specially selected complex of surfactants contained in FLUXOCORE® 201 this acid stimulation fluid shows high compatibility with even very complicated oils. It also shows low corrosiveness for the equipment even in high temperature formation conditions (up to 110 °C/ 230 °F).

FLUXOCORE® 201 is a microemulsion of HCl with the modifying additives facilitating the efficient prevention of forming  of sludge, precipitates, trice viscous emulsions  as well as prevention of forming of ferrum oxides at production wells acidizing.

Acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 201 is available in two grades: grade K and grade R.

FLUXOCORE® 201 grade K is a concentrated product and FLUXOCORE® 201 grade R is a ready-to-use working solution.

Acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 201 may be supplied component-wise as an acid package, which can be added to HCl / water solution (or HCl / FH / water solution where required). 

Application Area

  • Acid stimulation of oil and gas recovery in production wells in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs, including acid stimulation  in the conditions of surplus of ferric iron. 
  • Fresh well completion after drilling operations in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs; switching into other production horizons and well development after conservation and temporary nonoperation.

      Grade K
       Grade R
Appearance  Homogenous liquid with the colour varying from colorless to brown
Mass concentration of HCl,
%, within the range of  
          20-24          12-14
Specific gravity at 20 °C, g/cm3,
not less than 
       1.09-1.14      1.04-1.08
Mass concentration of Fe,
%, not more than 
Freezing temperature,
°C, not higher than 
       Minus 50      Minus 50
St3 steel corrosion rate
at 20 °С, g/m2⋅h,
not more than    
         0.20          0.20

Customer Benefits

  • Low reaction speed for carbonates in combination with low interfacial tension in oil-acid interface area  provides deep penetration of acid stimulation fluid  into the oil-saturated reservoir.
  • Low corrosiveness even in high temperature conditions.
  • High thermostability of acid stimulation fluid (stay homogenous at heating).
  • Compatibility with complicated oils containing high amounts of H2S, resins and asphaltenes.
  • Acid stimulation fluid may be made at site in the field conditions with the standard equipment even when ambient temperature  is below 0 °C.
  • Acid stimulation fluid preserves its chemical, physical and process properties for not less than 1 year. It does not contain any soft reducers.  

Consumption Rates & Process Technique

Acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 201 grade K is supplied in the concentrated form. The working solution is to be prepared at site right before the starting of operation. The usual dilution rate is 1:1. The concentrates are diluted with fresh water.

Acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 201 grade R is ready to use product.

For making FLUXOCORE® 201 with the components of acid package uninhibited synthetic HCl is taken. ACIRONIX® acid package chemicals (namely ACIRONIX®-IC and ACIRONIX®-ASL) are added to HCl solution in the precise amounts recommended by the manufacture. If required, ACIRONIX®-IRON (an iron control chemical) is added to the ready-to-use acid stimulation fluids straight before the fluid application. The necessity of ACIRONIX®-IRON superinducing is determined with laboratory tests for each particular object.

More detailed information on ACIRONIX® package compounds read in our website on the pages for ACIRONIX®-IC, ACIRONIX®-IRON and ACIRONIX®-ASL.

To select the optimal design of application and consumption rates of acid package components it is recommended to contact the specialists of Sales and Service department of Polyex company.


FLUXOCORE® 201 is supplied in PE drums with capacity of 200 liters and PE containers with capacity of 1m3.  It is also allowed to use specialized steel rubberized railway cisterns and highway tank trucks.

The product is certified for the application in oil and gas industry.

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