Complex of modifiers МК-9 and MK-10

Complex of modifiers МК-9 and МК-10 for making acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 110

Complex of two HCl modifiers МК-9 and МК-10 is meant for making acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 110 from HCl available at customer’s directly at site close to the objects to be treated.

Acid stimulation fluids made with this complex of modifiers are also powerful destructors of clays and polymers of mud fluids and fracturing fluids. Depending on the grades of modifiers being used the fluids may be applied under normal of under high formation temperatures.

Application area for acid stimulation fluids of FLUXOCORE® 110 made with modifiers МК-9 and МК-10 

  • Fresh oil and gas well completion after drilling operations in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs.Well completion after hydrofrac in sandstone reservoirs.Acid stimulation of the wells with hydraulic fractures.

At fresh well completion and afterfrac completion FLUXOCORE®110 is used as a main acidizing fluid without any additional acid stimulating of the well. At the acidizing of production wells being under operation FLUXOCORE®110 is used with a spacer of FLUXOCORE®210 grade O/R  injected prior the main fluid of FLUXOCORE®110.

Acid modifier МК-9 

ТU 2458-120-53501222-2017 

Acid modifier MK-9 is used as an additive for HCl to make an acidic stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE®110 for production wells. Interacting with HCl MK-9 shows synergistic effect in dispersing clays and polymers.

Acid modifier МК-9 is a dry blend of organic and non-organic compounds and corrosion inhibitors.


Grade МК-9  
Appearance  Powder with the color
varying from white to grey
with green-bluish inclusions 
Bulk density,
g/cm3, within the range
1.03 - 1.07
pH of 10 % water
solution, within  
Density of 10 % water
solution at 20 °С, g/cm3
within the range
 1.07 – 1.09


Dry modifier for acid stimulation fluids MK-9 is supplied in PP bags by 25 kg or in big-bags. The product is non-combustible, fireproof and explosionproof.

Acid modifier МК-10 

ТU 2458-121-53501222-2017 

Acid modifier MK-10 is used as an additive for HCl regulating HCl corrosiveness and reducing the «acid fluid - oil» interphase tension.

Acidic modifier МК-10 is a mixture of complex of surfactants and specialized HCl corrosion inhibitors. Acidic modifier МК-10 is available in two grades: grade NТ for normal reservoir temperature conditions and grade VТ for high reservoir temperatures conditions.



МК-10 grade NT

МК-10 grade VT


Liquid with the color varying from light-yellow to dark-brown   
Density at 20 °С, g/cm3
within the range   

1.07 - 1.08

1.08 – 1.09

Kinematic viscosity at 20 °С,
mm2/sec., not more than 



Freezing point, °С,
not lower than

Minus 20

Minus 30


Acid modifier МК-10 is supplied in PE drums with the capacity of 50 or 227 l or PE containers with the capacity of 1 cubic meter. Transportation with railroad tanker is permissible. Product is classified as highly inflammable liquid.

Benefits of Acid Fluid Making from Modifiers MK-9 and MK-10

  • No need to keep tank farm for storing of high volumes of acidic composition.
  • The modifiers do not contain any precursors.

Application Technique and Consumption Rates of Modifiers MK-9 and MK-10

To prepare a working solution of acid stimulation fluid-clay & polymer destructor, acid modifiers MK-9 and MK-10 are added to HCl-water solution one after another. The consumption rates are 5.0 - 5.5 % for MK-10 and 2.6 - 3.0 % for MK-9 by the volume of ready acidic composition

To select the optimal consumption of modifiers for acidic composition and the technique of application it is recommended to contact the specialists of Service & Sales Department of Polyex company.

The products are certified for the application in oil and gas industry.

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