Acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 110

Complex Acidizing Fluid (Clay and Polymer Destructing Agent) FLUXOCORE® 110

TU 2122-074-53501222-2009

Acidizing fluid FLUXOCORE® 110 is used as destructor of clays and polymers contained in mud fluids and fracturing fluids in oil & gas industry. FLUXOCORE® 110 can be used in the conditions of formation temperatures under 140 °C/ 300 °F.

Compound FLUXOCORE® 110 is an inhibited HCl-based fluid containing a complex of surfactants and specific dispersing agents. Compound is supplied ready-to-use or as a complex of modifiers.

Application Area
  • Fresh oil and gas well completion after drilling operations in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs.
  • Well completion after hydrofrac in sandstone reservoirs.
  • Acidic stimulation of the wells with hydraulic fractures.

Being clay and polymer destructing agent acid fluid FLUXOCORE® 110 can be used at fresh well completion as a main acidizing fluid without any additional acid stimulating of the well. At the acidizing of production wells being under operation FLUXOCORE® 110  is used with a spacer of FLUXOCORE® 210  injected prior the main fluid of FLUXOCORE® 110



Transparent liquid, with the color varying from colorless to yellow

Specific gravity at 20 °C, g/cm3, within the range


Mass concentration of HCl acid, %, within the range


Interfacial tension in the interfacial area "FLUXOCORE®110 - n-octane", mN/m, not more than  


St3 steel corrosion rate at 20 °C, g/m2*h, not more than


Clay destructing power:
Residual weight of clay solid sample after 60 minute stay in FLUXOCORE® 110, %, not more than


Customer Benefits
  • FLUXOCORE® 110 destroys efficiently mud cake formed in the process of drilling with polymer-colloid or polymer-clay mud fluids.
  • FLUXOCORE® 110 eliminates negative impact of drilling mud filtrate on producing formation.
  • FLUXOCORE® 110 destructs fracturing fluids and cleans the frac.
  • FLUXOCORE® 110 facilitates cleaning of the bottomhole formation zone from plugging colmatants with the help of the foam formed during the process of reaction between FLUXOCORE® 110, the rock and the mud fluid.
  • FLUXOCORE® 110 does not destroy proppants during the well development after hydrofrac.
  • FLUXOCORE® 110 dissolves of inorganic salts of different types.
  • FLUXOCORE® 110 breaks of oil-water emulsions.

Dynamics of clayish mud cake sample weigh loss in FLUXOCORE® 110 compared to the use of HCl

Process Technique

FLUXOCORE® 110 is supplied as a ready-to-use product  or as a complex of modifiers MK-9 and MK-10 added in succession into HCl-water solution.

Consumption of FLUXOCORE® 110 depends on the individual conditions of the well and it varies from 5 to 20 tons for 1 well.

To select the optimal design of application, i.e. consumption of acid fluid FLUXOCORE® 110 and technique of its application, it is recommended to contact the specialists of Service & Sales Department of Polyex company.


Acidic compound FLUXOCORE® 110 is supplied in PE containers with capacity of 200 liters and PE containers with capacity of 1m3.  It is also allowed to use specialized steel rubberized railway cisterns and acid tank trucks.

Complex acidic compound FLUXOCORE® 110 is certified for the application in oil-and-gas industry.

Complex acidizing package FLUXOCORE® 110 is certified for the application in oil-and-gas field.


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