Modifier for HCl acid МК-3

ТU 2122-006-12064382-99

Modifier for HCl MK-3 is designed for the application as an additive for HCl and HCl–based compositions to obtain acid stimulation fluid for production wells of KSPEO-3T. Modifier MK-3 facilitates the preventing of stable high-viscose oil-acid emulsions formed  during the process of acid stimulation of production wells in sandstone reservoirs. It also helps to prevent precipitation of the products of the reaction between acid and rock.

Acidic modifier MK-3 is a mixture of surfactants and organic acid.  

Application Area for Stimulation Fluids KSPEO-3 T made with Modifier MK-3
  • Acidizing of oil and gas recovery in production wells in sandstone reservoir with watercut up to 60%, especially when the production wells reduced the productivity due to precipitation and blockage of the critical area of formation with inorganic matters, and due to oil-water emulsions.  

  • Fresh well completion after drilling operation, well switching into new production horizons, re-start of the well after conservation.


 Appearance Semi-transparent liquid with the color varying
from light-yellow to dark-yellow
Mass concentration of surfactant,
mg-eq/g, within the range

Customer Benefits

  • No need to have tanks for storage of acidizing composition of different grades in large quantities.  

Process Technique and Consumption Rates

To obtain the information on the  optimal consumption of modifier МК-3 for making acid stimulation fluid and on technique of acid fluid making it is recommended to contact the specialists of Service & Sales Department of Polyex Company.


Modifier for acidic composition МК-3 is delivered in 200 liters polyethylene drums or in 1 m3 polyethylene tanks.

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