Acidizing fluid modifier МК-R

Modifier for acidizing fluids МК-R

TU 2122-041-53501222-2004

Modifier for for acidizing fluids MK-R is designed to improve the effectiveness of acid stimulation of injection wells in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs in which produced waters with a high content of hydrocarbon inclusions is injected.

Modifier for acidizing fluids MK-R is used as an additive for the HCl–based acidizing fluids, facilitating dissolving of hydrocarbon containing colmatants. Modifier MK-R is added to ready-to-use fluids.

Modifier МК-R is available in two grades: grade A and grade B, and depending on the grade is either a mixture of surfactants and solvent and carboxylic acid or a mixture of surfactants, aromatics and alcohol dissolvers.

Application Area of Acidizing Fluids of KSPEO-N brand modified with MK-R 
  • Improving the injectivity in injection wells in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs, especially when the injectivity was negatively influenced by formation plugging with rust precipitation, suspended solids in injected water, precipitation formed as a result of incompatibility of salts in injection fluids and in formation waters, as well as by the products of vital activity of bacteria.
  • Fresh injection well completion after drilling operations and re-start of the wells after conservation.
  • Conversion of production wells into injection wells.

Main Properties

 Grade             МК-R grade A                  МК-R grade B
Appearance   Thin semi transparent liquid with
       color varying from 
 light yellow to dark-brown 

Transparent liquid with the color
varying from light-yellow
 to dark-brown

Density at 20 °С, g/cm3,
within the range of 


Cloud point temperature,
°С, not higher than

Minus 30

Interfacial tension in the
interphase area of
MK-R and HCl, mN/m,
not more than


Customer Benefits

Complex nature of  impact of acidizing package fluid KSPEO-2 grade N modified with MK-R provides a very efficient cleaning of  formation from hydrocarbon products and plugging precipitation brought into the formation with the injection of waste waters and formation waters.

Operation Technique and Consumption

At acidizing of injection wells and in cases when production wells are converted into injection wells it is recommended to inject acidizing fluids KSPEO-2 grade N modified with MK-R as a spacer before the injection of basic acidizing fluids KSPEO-2 grade N, KSPEO-3 grade ТN, KSPEO-4 grade N. The amount of the spacer containing MK-R makes 30-40 % of total volume of basic acidizing fluid.

Recommended consumption rate of modifier MK-R for the spacer is 140-170 kg per 1 m3 or the ready fluid.

To select the optimal design of application of modifier for acidic composition MK-R, i.e. consumption and technique of application, it is recommended to contact the specialists of Service Department of Polyex Company. 


Modifier for acidizing fluid MK-R is delivered in 200 liter polyethylene or metal drums or in 1 m3 polyethylene containers. 

Modifier for acidizing fluid MK-R is certified for the application in oil-and-gas field.

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