Modified isopropyl alcohol IPS-TM

IPS-TM, isopropyl alcohol industrial modified grade

TU 2421-055-53501222-2005

Industrial modified isopropyl alcohol IPS-TM is applied as a substitute for isopropanol in the same spheres of application.

In oil and gas industry IPS-TM is used as an additive to acid stimulation fluids at matrix acidizing and massive acidizing of pay zone of production wells.

IPS-TM may also be used for ethanol denaturating at brake fluid manufacturing.

For industrial purposes IPS-TM may be used as a substitute of ethanol except when used as a raw material for chemical synthesis.  

Industrial modified isopropyl alcohol IPS-TM is available in three grades: IPS-TM grade A, IPS-TM grade B and IPS-TM grade V. IPS-TM is a mixture of isopropanol and highly active cosolvents: primary alcohols, secondary alcohols and tertiary alcohols of isomeric and normal structure with the number of carbon atom.

Application Area

  • IPS-TM is applied at acid stimulation of oil production wells.
  • IPS-TM is applied at acid stimulation of gas production wells.


As per its physical and chemical properties IPS-TM including solvent and drying ability is similar to isopropanol.

Grade IPS-TM grade А   IPS-TM grade B  IPS-TM grade V 
Appearance           Thin transparent fluid varying from colorless to light-brown
Odor             Long-lasting distinct smell with slight alcohol trace     
Density at 20 ºС, g/cm3,
within the range 
                    0.78-0.86      0.78-0.80
Mass concentration
of isopropanol,
%, not more than 
           20           45
Moisture content, %,
not more than 
          0.5          0.5           0.5
Water miscibility                                        Complete mutual solubility

Customer Benefits 

  • IPS-TM facilitates low inter-phase tension in “reaction product – oil” inter-phase area.
  • Adding of IPS-TM to acid stimulation fluid at production well acidizing in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs allows to eliminate water screen at well completion after drilling.


Industrial modified isopropyl alcohol IPS-TM is delivered in 200 liter polyethylene drums or in 1 m3 polyethylene tanks, railway cisterns.

Guaranteed shelf life is 12 months.

The product is certified for the application in oil and gas industry.

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