Acid stimulation fluid KSPEO-4

Acid stimulation fluid for oil & gas production wells in sandstone reservoirs KSPEO-4

 TU 2122-008-53501222-2002

Acid stimulation fluids KSPEO-4 are designed for stimulation treatment of oil and gas production wells in sandstone reservoirs with the level of clayiness more than 5 %, permeability of more than 50 mD, tending to sand-flowing, with high reservoir temperatures varying from 40 °C up to 110 °C. Acid stimulation fluids shows the properties of a water-repelling agent for porous rock. They also works as crude demulsifiers and contains HCl corrosion inhibitor protecting the equipment in the fields.

Before the stimulation treatment of oil and gas production wells with acid stimulation fluids KSPEO-4 the spacer of KSPEO-2 is injected into a well. 

Acid stimulation fluids KSPEO-4 are HCl-based compounds in which special complex of surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and modifying  agents is added. KSPEO-4 is available in two grades KSPEO-4 grade DA and KSPEO-4 grade DB.

Application Area
  • Stimulation of  oil and gas recovery in production wells in sandstone reservoirs with watering level up to 60 %, especially when the production wells reduced the productivity due to precipitation and blockage of the critical area of formation with inorganic matters, and due to oil-water emulsions.
  • Fresh well development after drilling operations, well switching to new production horizons, re-start of the wells after conservation.
Grade  KSPEO-4
grade DA 
grade DB
Appearance  Liquid, ranging from colourless to dark  
Mass concentration of acid, %,
in the range of  
10.5-14.5  18-25 
Mass concentration of bound fluorine,
%, within the range of 
1.5-2.9 3.0-5.0 
Specific gravity at 20 °C, g/cm3,
not less than  

Customer Benefits
  • High permeability in rock porous area of the reservoir due to low inter-phase tension between oil and KSPEO compound.
  • Low reaction speed for sandstones even in the condition of high temperatures, which allows deep penetration of the compound into the formation.
  • Ability to stabilize iron ions in diluted state  when dissolving ferruginous rocks and precipitates.
  • Dissolving power for salts and hydrocarbon.
  • Effective prevention of forming trice oil-and-acid emulsions with high-viscosity.
  • High dispersive power for asphaltenes, resins and paraffins (the size of paraffin resins and paraffins dispersed particles in the acid fluid KSPEO-4 is not bigger than 1 mm).
  • Ability to minimize the content of sands in the extracted product.
  • Low corrosiveness.
Process Technique

Complex acid stimulation fluid KSPEO-4 grade DA is supplied as a ready-to use working solution. 

KSPEO-4 grade DB is supplied in concentrated form. The working solution is to be prepared at site before the start of acidizing operation. Concentrated compound is diluted with fresh water with the ratio 1:1 by volume.

The working fluid is pumped into the formation with average consumption of 1.2-1.5 m3 per one meter of payzone. The amount of KSPEO-2 spacer pumped before KSPEO-4 depends on the conditions of the well.

To select the optimal design of application, i.e. consumption of acidizing compound, technique of application, it is recommended to contact  the specialists of Service Department of Polyex company.

Complex acid stimulation fluid KSPEO-4 is certified for the application in oil-and-gas field.


KSPEO-4 is delivered in PE containers with the capacity of 1 m3 or in rubberized cisterns.

Complex acid stimulation fluid KSPEO-4 is certified for the application in oil-and-gas field.

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