Acidizing fluid for injection wells KSPEO-3 TN

Acidizing fluid for injection wells in sandstone reservoirs KSPEO-3 TN  

TU 2122-067-53501222-2008

Complex acidizing fluid KSPEO-3 TN is designed for the efficient treatment of injection wells in sandstone reservoirs with the level of clayiness under 5 % with reservoir temperatures under 40 °C.

In case of acidizing in injection wells where bottom waters with high content of oil hydrocarbons are being injected, and acidizing in production wells being converted into injection wells a spacer of KSPEO-2 N with modifier MK-R is to be injected prior the acidizing with KSPEO-3 TN

Acidizing fluid KSPEO-3 TN is HCl / HF-based compound in which special complex of surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and modifying agents is added. KSPEO-3 TN is available in two grades: KSPEO-3 grade TNA and KSPEO-3 grade TNB varying in HCl concentration.

Application Area

  • Improving the injectivity in injection wells in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs, especially when the injectivity was affected by formation plugging with rust precipitation, suspended solids in injected water, precipitation formed as a result of incompatibility of salts in injection water and in formation waters, as well as by the products of vital activity of bacteria.
  • Fresh injection well completion after drilling operations and re-start of the wells after conservation.
  • Conversion of production wells into injection wells.


Grade KSPEO-3 Grade TNA       KSPEO-3 Grade TNB
Appearance    Liquid, varying from colorless to dark-brown
Specific gravity at 20 °C,
g/cm3, not less than 
                                1.09 - 1.1
Mass concentration of HCl acid,
%, in the range of 
            10 - 13                  18 – 24
Mass concentration of hydrogen fluoride,
%, within the range of 
            2.5-3.5                   4.5-6.3

Customer Benefits

  • High permeability in rock porous area of reservoir due to low inter-phase tension between oil and KSPEO compound. High dissolving power for salts and oil hydrocarbons.
  • Ability to stabilize iron ions in diluted state when dissolving ferrous rocks and precipitates.
  • Low reaction speed for carbonates, which allows deep penetration of acidizing fluid into the formation.
  • Low corrosiveness.High dispersive power for clays.
  • Acidizing with KSPEO-3 TN can be combined with different physical methods of injection well treatment such as hydroimpulsive treatment, vibrowave treatment, acoustic treatment, etc.

Resolution of precipitate from injection well KSPEO-3 TN compared to HCl



Process Technique

Acidizing fluid KSPEO-3 TNA is a ready-to-use fluid.

Acidizing fluid KSPEO-3 TNB is supplied in concentrated form. The working solution is to be prepared at site before the beginning of operation. Concentrated compound is diluted with fresh water with the ratio 1:1 by volume.

Approximate average total consumption of working acid fluids including KSPEO-3 TN and the spacer of KSPEO-2N + MK-R injected into the well makes 1.5 m3 of fluid per 1 meter of net thickness.

To select the optimal design of application, i.e. consumption of acidizing fluid, technique of its application, it is recommended to contact the specialists of Service & Sales Department of Polyex company.


КСПЭО-3 TN is delivered in PE containers with the capacity of 1 m3, in rubberized cisterns or acid tank trucks.

Complex acidizing fluid KSPEO-3 TN is certified for the application in oil-and-gas field.

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