Acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 210 grades C / N

Acid stimulation fluid for oil & gas production wells FLUXOCORE® 210 grade C and grade N

TU 2122-075-53501222-2009

Acid fluids FLUXOCORE® 210 grade С and FLUXOCORE® 210 grade N are used as a basic composition for self-diverting acid stimulation fluids with gelling agent SURFOGEL® grade A/ grade AT. Acidizing packages of FLUXOCORE® 210 are HCl-based compositions with a special complex of surfactants, highly effective additives and inhibitors.

Acid stimulation fluids FLUXOCORE® 210 grade C and grade N are HCl-based compositions with a special complex of surfactants, highly effective additives and inhibitors.

Application Area of FLUXOCORE® 210 grade C

  • Acidic stimulation of production wells in carbonate  fractured and porous fractured reservoirs with high heterogeneity of layers.
  • Well acidizing with the large amounts of acidic composition.
Grade      FLUXOCORE® 210 grade C FLUXOCORE® 210 Grade N 
Appearance                        Liquid, varying from colorless to brown  
Mass concentration of HCl acid,
%, in the range of 
                         18-22                  10.5-14.5 
Specific gravity at 20 °C, g/cm3,
in the range of
                       1.09-1.11                  1.04-1.08
St3 steel corrosion rate at 20 °C,
g/m2*h, not more than
                          0.20                      0.20

Customer Benefits of application of FLUXOCORE® 210 grade C with gelling agent SURFOGEL® grade A/ Grade AT
  • Self-diverting acid stimulation fluids do not cause formation damage with colmatation comparing to polymer-based flow diverters.
  • Possibility of creating a wide network of wormholes in the matrix not only due to the heterogeneity of the reservoir but also due to redirecting the vector of effect on the rock by increasing the resistance of the gel.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of usage of hydrochloric acid, for the acid is not spent on cavity creation.
  • No need in keeping high speed of injection of self-deviating acid stimulation fluids, and thus no need in expensive specialized equipment.It is possible to use self- diverting acid stimulation fluids when the coiltubing technologies are used. 
  • It is possible to use self- diverting acid stimulation fluids  when the coiltubing technologies are used. The viscosity of acid stimulation fluids FLUXOCORE® 210 grade C/ grade N with diverting agent SURFOGEL® grade A/ grade AT in its original state is about 20-30 mPa·s at the temperature of 20 °C.
  • The possibility of regulating the ultimate viscosity of self-diverting acid stimulation fluids containing diverting agent SURFOGEL® grade A/grade AT by changing its concentration depending on the geological conditions and objectives.
Process Technique of FLUXOCORE® 210 grade C

Well treatment technology implying gelling agent SURFOGEL® grade A/grade AT supposes combined application of self-diverting acid stimulation fluid and pure working solution of acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 210 grade C / grade N. Acid stimulation fluid FLUXOCORE® 210 grade N is supplied in the concentrated form. The working solution is  to be prepared at site right before the starting of operation. The usual dilution rate is 1:1. The concentrates are diluted with fresh water.

To select the optimal design of application of self-diverting acid stimulation fluid it is recommended to contact the specialists of Sales and Service Department of Polyex company.

Complex acid stimulation fluids of FLUXOCORE® 210 brand are certified for the application in oil-and-gas field.

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